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  1. I think an important aspect of the fight is that the Prime Sentinel's AOE spells do not actually affect characters that are standing in the far corners of the room (on diagonal with the areas the Unstable Sentinels spawn on) and with a hasted priest, you can usually heal the characters that take the most damage for a few rounds (and after that, your characters are usually relieved of the fight because it's just the sentinels fighting - I played that on normal, but I actually managed to get the fight to a stage where I didn't have to fight anything, since there were at most 2 sentinels hostile at any given time, they were focused on fighting the other sentinels and I was able to "convert" any one sentinel by concentrating firepower on it in one round).
  2. I think one good idea would be to remove from your quest list those quests which are given by people in a town turned hostile. Without tinkering in the editor, you won't be able to do them anyways and they tend to litter up the quest list a bit. And if someone wants to use the editor, they can reenable the quests anyways.
  3. Hmmm... weird, the Twisted Giant fight was one of the easiest recent (I've just also made it recently to Melanchion's Keep) battles. Are you sure you didn't cut any corners getting here? If not, I assume you have around level 30 and all the relevant spells around. First of all, there are buffs and there are buffs. At this point in the game, you should have all the relevant spells, that is, you should be walking around with all the characters Enduring Armored, Steel Skinned and Augmented, and cast War Blessing, Protection, Prismatic Shield, Arcane Shield and Haste on all characters prior to a major battle. Second of all, in this battle there's no need to keep your non-melee characters near the giant. Keep them far away, just at spells' range, so that his stomp attack won't hurt you. As for spells that affect him, as far as I remember, Arcane Blow and Smite did quite well here. Third of all, you should be really using the Shield Breaker. Since the giant is not a spellcaster, he will not cast Protection on himself, so all your blows after the Shield Breaker will do much more damage. You should make it your general habit using the Shield Breaker at the start in _any_ battle with a single powerful foe (I use my archer for that). Of course, this will not work against spellcaster foes, which with repeated castings of protection spells are a pain in the ass (I recommend the Slith Horror in Upper Khora-Vysss for a good illustration). Fourth of all, if you're still not doing enough damage, you might not have invested enough skill points in your melee damage (for the fighters) or into your spellcraft/magery (for the spellcasters). If that is so, you might want to retrace your steps, maybe do some unfinished sidequests, maybe stock up on knowledge brews / wisdom crystals and increase those skills. If you want a reference (I'm playing on normal too), I recall my priest doing about 60-70 damage with Smite and my mage about 90 with Arcane Blow after hitting the giant with a Shield Breaker first.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Crynsos: Yes, a good idea Stareye... And about that change idea of yours, Ilintar, I doubt that we really need such a node. There's already the End Scenario - Node and that's as far as anyone should go in designing. Closing the program is normally not needed, just end the scenario, closing Exile fully could anger players and I see no reason why to risk this... It's not that. I didn't add a new node, I just filled in the < Unused > area (where "How to order" used to be) in the main menu with "Quit game". However, in the meantime I had to also figure out how to add a new dialog box to the resources (because of the custom dialog graphics, it's not as simple as adding and programming a standard dialog box). So, if anyone's programming under Windows and feels a need to know how to add new dialog boxes to BoE, I can give some assistance.
  5. Okay. I've also added a dialog box for "Quit game" in place of the "Unused" slot in the main menu. Any need for a small tutorial on adding new dialog boxes to BoE?
  6. In case anyone's interested: 1) I've ported Ormus' dev-cpp code to Visual Studio 2005, if anyone is doing development in this environment, I'd be happy to help. 2) There's a bug in the Windows version causing BoE not to read scenario lists properly - the ListBox LD_DIR message reads files starting from the current directory, not from the starting directory. Simple fix, in FILEIO.CPP starting from line 2034 add: Code: char directory[256];GetModuleFileName(store_hInstance, directory, 255);PathRemoveFileSpec(directory);SetCurrentDirectory(directory); (this one requires the include of shlwapi.h and requires linking with the shlwapi library, since the library is just needed for the PathRemoveFileSpec, you can probably rewrite it without it, but I'm lazy ) Also, I've seen some requests for fixing petrification touch, so here it is. In COMBAT.CPP, around line 2388, add: Code: if ((attacker->m_d.spec_skill == 30) && (get_ran(1,0,2) < 2)){ add_string_to_buf(" Petrifies! "); print_buf(); petrify_pc(target,attacker->m_d.level * 5);} (you also have to remove the "|| ... skill == 30" from the disease case). In PARTY.CPP, add the following: Code: void petrify_pc(short which_pc,short how_much){ short r1; // resistance value if (adven[which_pc].isAlive() == false) return; if (pc_has_abil_equip(which_pc,49) < 24) { sprintf ((char *) c_line, " %s is immune to petrification.",(char *) adven[which_pc].name); add_string_to_buf((char *) c_line); return; } r1 = get_ran(1,0,100); r1 += adven[which_pc].level * 4; if (r1 > how_much) { sprintf((char *)c_line, " %s resists petrification.", (char *)adven[which_pc].name); add_string_to_buf((char *)c_line); return; } else { sprintf((char *)c_line, " %s is turned to stone.", (char *)adven[which_pc].name); add_string_to_buf((char *)c_line); kill_pc(which_pc,4); one_sound(90); put_pc_screen(); }} Also, add a relevant declaration to PARTY.H.
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