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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, so I apologize if it's not in advanced. I believe I have issued an order for the game Blades of Avernum two days ago, however, I have not received any confirmation emails and I am worried there may have been a problem. I did try to send an email to the one listed under ordering yesterday but I have not received any communication. If the order did not go through due to the glich or human error I just want to know.
  2. Well, reason I connected the dots there was the fact that most of my family over in the US are Adventis, there Nuts, and One of them has revealed there secrit rituals in feeling wonderful. If Jeff wants a New charictor for his Univers; Jessy, of the Anama church who... No I wont go into that. In response to your edit, Only jokes I can make is ones on how messed up my family is.
  3. Ok... I feel uncomfortable asking but my couriosity has just made me gotta ask, so I will be as frank and mature about it as I can. Is Anama a play on the word Enema? Do Enemas have something to do with the secritisem of the anama church? If you are wondering how the **** this idea even crossed my mind, the reason being is this: My Grandmother is a very religous person, a 7th day Adventist to be exact, and she follows the bible to the word, anyone who dose not is a sinner in her eyes. How ever, in her old age she has gotten slightly into alternative medicen, being an exnurse and all. One day, just after serving breakfast she anounced at the breakfast table "I just had an Enema and I feel wonderful" Other Adventists insist that my grandmother is just crazy, but Im not sure Im convinced. Is the Anama church a means of making fun of adventists?
  4. Quote: Originally written by Delicious Vlish: Check the ladies bathroom. Zone not available to your Gender. (in reference to wow: http://wowsracist.ytmnd.com/)
  5. my little review on A5 Demo: The Story was great. It set what your objectives were. it gave a sense of Direction, a motivation, and the mini boss at the beginning got you into the action very quickly, with a lot better level design than A4's Intro level. The new Melee abilities gave a refreshing look on combat that I wish was in the original Avernum games, how ever, I understand theses are Empire troopers who have had best of the best Training, even for a Noob level troopers like our Protagonists. I do think there could have been more attacks added, such as a Back stab and such. One more thing I would like to express, The Geneforge engine with Avernum?!? I saw A4, and Found it very poorly done. I felt for a time, that the engine should be saved for Geneforge. But Jeff has Proved me wrong. This game is a great game. I still prefer the Avernum 3 engine/UI, but I came away feeling a new view on the game. As for graphics, I know Jman dose not give a licking toss about the graphics, and feels that the old bits and peaces give it the Spider web software feel. he may be right. I can always identify his games. How ever, Im glad to see some new bits and peaces make there way in. The slopes, hills, stairs... I better see some impressive things like this in GF5! I also noticed the almost naked Wild boy and Girl made an appearance. They don't look empireish, but they were cool characters to have as Barbarians/Berzerkers. Oh, and I almost forgot, The other races have some old familiar portraits. Allot better. My bottom line: Much better work Jeff. This game has returned my faith in The Next Saga of Avernum. keep it up...
  6. Hmm... Good review... As for the Anama, if you have played though Avernum 3 and gotten up to the part where you battle against the Mutant Giant cockroaches, you will have met them.
  7. I kind of agree with the Trakovites. But I do think that Shaping should not be thrown to waste.
  8. that actually sounds cool... Map Quest! An adventure game where you go on a Quest, over a **** load of maps!
  9. My comp is out of date. There for, if it runs on Winblows its not worth playing, end of story...
  10. No... is it any good? Can it run on Macs and is there a Demo i can Sample?
  11. What ever.... Well, my earlier idea (shock points etc) was for a stand alone game idea based off of a engine similar to BoA. only problem is I cant program... I have this idea you see. I think its a great idea, and although its not the fantasy stuff that you are all familiar with, it would make a good Multiplayer or mini game. Its an Armed Defenders Tactical Combat Simulation game with a few RPG elements. Its based more around the Devastation of gun fire, and the use of cover and what ever one can use to prevent there Team from getting slaughtered as they try to under go missions. One thing is, the game is played entirely in a combat mode system similar to Avernum's combat system. The game is more oriented on sneaking up on your foe and cutting his throat or using flash bombs on a room to knock everyone out. Rather than the system of Creating characters, I have this idea, you hire randomly created and skilled characters. as you play though the game, you loose people so you have to replace them (no Load save stuff) If you loose all your men, you have to hire a new team. I really think some one should try to create the game, even as a Freeware game.
  12. Anything we say sadly, has a 000000000000.01% chance of being implemented. No, Im not saying it won't be included, that would be insulting, Im just saying there is a slim chance of anything being used. (yes, an obscure movie reference that fits with the occasion. neon genesis: evangelion)
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