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  1. With games that involve character generation like Avernum, I usually end up playing the first 20mins 2-3 times becuase i realise that i want to use a different party. Not becuase i decide that this party isnt good enough but to get a party that i think would be more interesting and often more realistic for the sake of role-playing. My party now: Human tank (Melee and a bit of bows) Elite warrior, thick skin Slith priest tank (Pole arms/prist spells) pure spirit Neph mage/archer with fast on feet/natural mage human mage/theif with nimble/ natural mage To me this sounds like the perfect party. I understand that all people have their own preferences, but what characters do you use and why?
  2. At the stage of the game that you are there is probably little need for money anyway, you will figure out which things you can sell for more eventually. There is usually a place in every town to sell everything (make sure your items are identified (Hebeker in fort emergence does it)). Good luck playing A3, its great!!!!!!!!!
  3. actually no, i have not missed any. south west there are 2 south east there are 3 north west there are 2 north east there are 3 I talked to Bon-ithrino (whatever his name is) I looked into all of those crystal souls until the last one gives you information about Rento's plans. Are there any other things that i could have stuffed up?? I dont really want to have to start the game over......... maybe this is a blessing in disguise, i can try a different party formation........ I have exited the keep and re-entered and done it all again but no luck. Is it possible that my file is somehow corrupted? Also Erika did not appear and she was sopossed to? is that a sign that the file may be corrupted?
  4. I have just spent around an hour and a half doing the endgame of A3, i am completely stuck, i was so sad, in A1/2/3 up until this point i used no walkthroughs. But when i checked the walkthru i am still stuck. I killed everything in the keep, activated all of the buttons in all 4 level2 areas, but when i go the the pedestool it just says blah blah blah the beams only tripled in intensity (when it needs to quadriple) back to square one. Also i am not sure why Erika did not turn up, the walkthough said that she should of (i have her amulet)... I am stumped, any ideas.................
  5. nope.... there is a vally that you use the orb to get to just below the main entrance, i can beat the first batch and then another batch comes through. The fights are really long so i thourght that i would ask......
  6. I was wondering, can you ever get into that army camp in A3? if you can, how many fights do you have to do before you get it?
  7. I always used the default names, they are just so good. Frrrrrr and thissa backing up Jenneke, its the way i like it. I always change the graphic though
  8. as long as its enough room for a drake, a mutant lizzard and a basilisk i am happy!
  9. Go down to south east Valorium and do the undead missions. And then get lots of money for the courier jobs there (buy spells and magery from Erika for your casters). Make sure that you do the Slith mission from Golddale, the Ursagi quest. These get very boring if you come back to it later. The game is made so you basically never have to level up as long as you follow the game in a logical order. oooopsssss ignore magery (Avernum)
  10. has anyone noticed that island off the south-west coast of the Isle of Bigail (south of that Anama temple that got destroyed) that has Gremlins running around it? The weird thing is that it seems impossible to get to, the Orb of thralni always ends on move short. Has anyone been there?
  11. Anama are such bastards, i wonder how many mages they killed just like this........
  12. I am playing avernum 3 for the first time (though i have finished Exile 3) and it seems like the days go much slower in Avernum than in Exile. I am no where near 160 and i have done all of the slimes/cockroaches/trog/giants/golem missions
  13. I didnt get tricked by the "haha" corridor but i thourght that it was a really nice touch by Jeff. How many hours of people's time did he waste with that little joke...
  14. I am not sure why, i have always used the same party... i always use: Slith Warrior/archer (pole, elite warrior and fast on feet) Nephil warrior/archer/theif (melee, fast on feet/nible fingers Mage/priest (natural mage/good educatoin) Preist/mage (natural mage) I find that both casters by endgame have the best spells from each group which means mega SP because if you have lvl 18+ mage, lvl 18+ priest and 10+ intelligence = ALOT Also i give no melee skills at all to my casters, apart from some anti-encumburance skills (defence/hardiness) Archers are so useful, i find great benefit from having both warriors being adept in them, they cost nothing as you pick up plenty of good arrows. i think that i should try something new, this page has given me a few ideas.......This always happens, just as i am half way through a game i decide that i want a different character line-up, or i want to play with 2 etc. and then i end up stoping
  15. Quote: Originally written by Atropine: This is one of those things that was changed between Avernum 3 and BoA. In A3, it's actually Hardiness that reduces your encumbrance, not Defence. Thankyou, i think that will help me alot, after Avernum 1 and 2 i decided that Hardiness was useless and never have put like no points in it.
  16. I was told that raising your defence reduces your encumburance.... Some of my fighters have defence up to 8 or so and still if you have encumburance=5 then you get AP penelty. So i cannot use plate mail without a penelty or a can use chainmail and then no helmet, what do most people do??
  17. i was wondering because i know that in Exile if you have high defence then you will not get penelties in AP for wearing big armour, i was wondering if there is something like this in Avernum.....
  18. I specifically remember when i first registered E3 and tried to do the entire game without walkthru but I gave up in disgust when it came to Golem Factory. Becuase those bloody golems do massive damage and i just spent so long (and was probably not leveled up enough). I have nightmares about it still.......
  19. I found a really good one, somewhere in Avernum 2, i cant remember i think in south west Avernum. There is a Woman named Eddy and she has been kicked down into Avernum with her friend Patsy for being too loud or something (anyone seen the show Absolutely Fabulous would understand) **** i just realised that someone else posted this one
  20. thanks, i guess i missed out on Sulfras's treasure. I hope that i finished the game. i did the 3 major quests, i couldnt be stuffed going thru doing all the minor quests that i most likely missed. I just started Avernum 2, i love the fact that you can see the amount of health everyone has in battle mode.
  21. Yay i just finished the game. I was confused how in coversation you could instagate a fight with him so i assumed that you were sopossed to kill him. There is a talking demon in the front room and tells you to talk to Erika's statue, i never figured out what to do with it. i have finished the game so i guess i can read some spoilers. Tomorrow i start on Avernum 2!!! (i am going to bed as it is 1:00am in Australia)
  22. i cant figure it out, i talked to the demon there and said to find a statue and i found the statue, i am sopossed to go talk to Erika about the option doesnt come up in conversatoin. I tried killing him but those black shades **** me up. Does Erika help you???
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