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  1. You don't want an honest answer of what we think of this poll, let me assure you.
  2. Also, editing the game's original graphics will result in Jeff going OH MY GOD THIS IS WRONG FOR NO REASON AND I MUST NOW REFUSE TO DO A THING HURP HURP, ask TM for more details.
  3. Also, there is only one "N" in Finland, I think. And I should know.
  4. The judging forum is up. Now, it's ButteredToast's job to inform the other judges of it.
  5. I'm willing to take on judging. WIll there be a judging forum of some sort? If so, I can set up one pretty quickly on my site. PM me if that's needed.
  6. Yes, but most likely *only in those major scenes*. A good idea, otherwise.
  7. I'd say it's more of a matter of town designing than scripting. There are lots of good scripts floating around already. Towns are still as hard to create as they were before, with BoA being silly.
  8. Happens to me, too. It's a general bug/error/whatever, and should indeed fixed, and not just because it's damn annoying, but also because it tends to mess up everything drawn. ..and BoA's towndesigning being what it is, that's a serious problem. Also, I've had the editor freeze too, a couple of times. I've somehow managed to "fix" this by just letting it be, and try again later.
  9. What Jeff really should've done is to have made the walls yet another set, so that there'd be the floors, the walls, the terrains, and then, objects. That way, all would be fine. Also we should be able to put more than one terrain tile on a spot.
  10. There's A LOT of treasure in the dungeons? Sounds quite bad. Anyway, kommari@gmail.com, or alternatively (as gmail sometimes seems to screw up received attachments), avaruussukkula87@jippii.fi. [just received the masterpiece:] ARE YOU UNABLE TO USE A ZIPPING PROGRAM, OR IS THIS YOUR DEFINITION OF "A FUN THING"?
  11. I think Thuryl already stated quite well how her post ended up here.
  12. You just did, on AIM. Also, I will fix.
  13. The latter isn't BoA's fault, but mine, actually. I was being a lazyass. Still, all you got to do is to change the town-script, and fix up personalities and such. Special encounters of all sorts you would have had to fix in any case, so meh, I don't count that.
  14. I always have something in progress, too. I just never get around finishing them.
  15. Everybody here knows that RC is GremlinChief, as a sidenote. [the man himself beat me to it, dammit]
  16. Most of the graphic-programs out there can do those things, Michael. Anyway, I use MS Paint to draw my works, and PhotoShop to make them look like actual graphics/artwork.
  17. When I've beaten the quests, I go after Rentar. Wandering around Valorim, killing random monsters is both boring and useless, at that stage.
  18. There is a restriction for talk nodes? Christ.
  19. I get the basics of the scripts. I can somewhat write dialogue, too, but that's it. But meh, I'm reading the docs at this very moment, in hopes of actually learning something.
  20. I would also be seriously planning something, but as I can't script (and, meh, am lazy), I just keep drawing towns.
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