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    How do I get to His Highness?
  2. tru dat I think it should be a nobleman graphic.
  3. The vampire, because he looks much cooler than any other monster.
  4. My sister played E3 before I did. I played her copy (IF YOU TOUCH ANY OF MY SAVE FILES, I'LL DECAPITATE YOU) in around 2000. I found it too hard (I was nine at the time), waited around for a while, my only involvement with the computer being bouts of compulsive three-hour tetris-playing at 2 AM, messing around in Paint, and school projects. Then came summer, 2002. We'd just moved to a new city and I didn't know anybody, so I went to the computer for solace. I found my sister's games again, played my way through Nethergate, Cythera, and Myst, and started writing stuff on the computer. It was a circular effect: my obsession with the computer kept my no-friends status. Around November, I discovered E3 again, and posted on the forum for the FIRSTEST TIME! I made about 600 posts, left, and returned 5 months later as you see me. HI EVERYBODY Now, ben, last questions before I make my scenario: Is it okay to mention the one-time existence of magic, or is that a no-no? How about superstitions? Religion? Could I give things magical effects if I explained them scientifically? EDIT: Also, Gizmo, you have a new private message.
  5. Or store 'em. The supply room at Fort Emergence, the House on the Hill (near the Troglo Castle) and Hawke's MManse, if you're willing to shell out 8000 gold, are all places to store your items.
  6. Please send it to me. Address in sig. Thanks.
  7. I'm more interested in whether she allows them, and if no, why not. If yes, that means I can use them in my scenario
  8. What about Light? And healing spells? Or do they count as impersonating the divine or something?
  9. How exactly do they enforce this, anyway?
  10. I'm going to make a scenario just for you, ben. Man, that's harsh! I do think the fact that you can play Johnny Favourite is hilarious, though. I'm thirteen and I'm not under the control of my parents at all. Probly cuz they're lefty hippies who don't believe in strict child control.
  11. My little brother (he's nine) and I are working on a scenario. It's called "Dragon!" It's going to be very high quality.
  12. I only have one roamer. His name is Homie. ... He's my friend.
  13. Right. I can't even get past the very first puzzle. This doesn't bode well. You know the one with the porticullis, where it says 'To get to the other side'? That one? Yes, well. >.<
  14. HA [Actually you can't send it to me because my lovely email accounts ****ed up on my laptop because of some damn code or something and now I'm SAD] Also why is it that the only forum I can type coherently in is General? O_o
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