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  1. But what about creating a canister which makes one of the rebels a walking disease factory? A contagious virus that does now harm to the user, but will kill everyone else? Of course, there are high changes of such creation going out of control, so I can see why they haven't done it...
  2. It also leads to mass consummation of resources and other, even less pleasant things as we have seen. Fastest development is not always the best way. Slower pace will eventually get us to the same point, but because the amount of resources needed is spread over a larger amount of time, there will be less problems. Or, at least, we won't run in to all of the problems at once.
  3. For humans, I use normal finnish names like Pekka, Kari, Arto, Jouko, Irene, Liisa etc. For nun-humans, I use, well, imaginative names. Like the-One-Who-Ate-the-Furball, Herra Lisko, Mad Scale and so on...
  4. This topic gave me a very good laugh. Sadly, I was in a library when I read this .
  5. I don't understand the point of making a A3 trainer. The game, afterall, has its own editor, which can do pretty much those same things.
  6. When I play guardian, I leave magic completely unnoticed, and concentrate all my skillpoints in combat and creation skills. I find it helpfull to have a cryoa or two around, even at the end game. Oh, and the thing said about strenght and dexterity is true: they are the most important skills for a fighter.
  7. ... Well, that could be one reason, but the fact that they split up was propably the cause of their unsuccesfulness. Seriously, play the game trough with a singleton without dying and reloading even once, and then call the first party amateurs.
  8. Alo, you were wondering about were there signs of vahnatai in E1. Well, there was that place where you had to take those six crystals. It is in A1 too if I remember right.
  9. I name my creatures after Star Control races: Chenjesu, Ariloulayliley, Spathi, Kzer-Za, Mycon, Shofixti etc.
  10. When I have beaten the game, I start it all over. Whats the point at killing innocent townspeople anyway?
  11. In the slime pit, ofcourse! It's like avernum but still in surface, you can go to Krizzan anytime you want and you won't get unwelcome visitors (Because by the time I get there, I'm only one left who knows what tunnel to enter)!
  12. Aren't there both skill potions and knowledge brews?
  13. Make something that is very dangerous even alone, but defeatable by lowlevel parties. Then put them come in pairs...
  14. What about making a town you have to frequently visit? Like, you have to deliver artefacts to a temple, and the temple will give you hints about other artefacts when some are recovered. I'm planning to do this sometime.
  15. How can NPCs be related to scenario plots? Having them just to give some stupid mission and sit in safety themselves isn't really intresting, isn't it? Any ideas of how to use them more creatively are welcome. Also, if someone has some fancy behavior scripts for NPCs in the players side, could you post them here, please?
  16. If you want a singleton, romans are far better than celts. Why? Cause they can use armor. Not having the ability to wear armor is the worst disadvantage celts have. But a group of celts is more powerfull than a group of romans anyway.
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