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  1. If I own the old version, is there any way to apply this as an update so i can play the whole game?
  2. Two more: In G5 there are two gardians named Ersmas and Orolo, charecters from stephensons latest book "Anathem". I won't say where due do spoilers. Note: I'm pretty sure these and the G4 cameos aren't the only refrences to Stephensons work. I'll go back and check.
  3. Did Khyryk ever show up in G5? He seemed like one of those characters who would, especially given his Trakovite sympathies at the end of G4.... It seems strange that Litalia would end up their leader, but poor Khyryk gets forgotten.
  4. Come to think of it, it would be relatively easy to let the player choose what happened in G5. In the old games you had to kill the big bad guy to get a given ending, but all you did in G4 was push buttons at a control panel. Maybe that would be the opening scene in G5, after the final Battle, its your job (as a shaper or rebel) to work the panel….
  5. Thanks for your help, I sent him a note. Hopefuly Ill be squishing Vlish again soon.
  6. Two days ago my computer finaly died, and unfortunatly my copy of geneforge 4 with it. If I ask nicely, will Jeff give me a new registration code, or do i need to buy the game again?
  7. My thoughts on the subject: This seems to be Jeff foreshadowing as to what could possibly happen to the series. in the other games we see shaping being used only as weapons and to gain power, arguably by both sides in the war. the Creation Strengthening and self shaping in Geneforge 2 and 3 are exactly what this race warns us about. Maybe eventually the powers will get so out of hand that the entire world will go to waste, not just this race's island. But it seems to me that thus far playing with life Inevitably leads to this kind of war.
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