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  1. Ok, I got the quest to purge the tower from Solberg, and I went underground and killed some demon (I forget his name, It was something the Ice Lord) He was sorrounded by pylons and he had a spellbook with Terror behind him. I went back up to get my reward and nothing happened. When I talk to Solberg, It is as if I never completed the quest. I am wondering If I killed the wrong demon or if this is a glitch?
  2. In the Exile 2 hint booklet, Jeff wrote that some of the characters in E2 were made after people on comedy central, because he watches comedy central a lot. Has anyone figured out who they are?
  3. sorry if this is late but that reminds me of a good canadian joke. Why do Canadians like to do it doggy style?? So they can both watch the hockey game. hahahaha
  4. The humans should take a leaf out of the vahnatai book and create a genetically mutated monster to destroy all thoase stupid anooying goblins who aren't even worthy of killing.
  5. It dosn't matter how it's spelled. Spelling has nothing to do with the point.
  6. Quote: And XK, it's actually not spelled "Slithzerakai," but slithzerikai. Geez, what what SW be without those compulsive speling correctors?
  7. Wow this thread is still alive? I thought it'd be dead after I made that rude canadian remark. I'm sorry if I offended any canadians with that...
  8. Quote: and where would the conflict be if everyone respected each other? I thought the conflict was with the empire. if the races of avernum would fight together against the empire rather then fight seperately against themselves, then it would be a lot better.
  9. Yeah seriously, more black faces. but i don't know what I meant by this, I just hoped that little kids who played Exile didn't get any subliminal messages about being mean to other races or some crazy idea like that. Let's just lock this topic and forget about it.
  10. Thats kind of dumb how every race in Avernum or exile is hated by humans except for themselves. How realistic. And more realistic because of the races. The Nephilim are hairy and ugly, like the French. And the Slithsizarski are cold and scaly, like the Canadians. Was Jeff thinking of how stupid France is when he designed these games?
  11. The other part is found in a tower in the middle of the ocean, specifically north of the big slith castle somewhere. To get through the magic barrier you have to drink from the magic fountain a few squares southwest of it. Cheers
  12. I always thought that basilisks were pretty cool. Even though they can't take a lot of damage, they are pretty weak, but if they were stronger they'd be a lot better.
  13. I hate those purple slimes just because they're so small and weak but they shoot a fireball everytime I try to kill them without entering combat mode... and I also hate Hill Giants.
  14. I name all my drayks and Cryo-drayks Motrax, Pyrog, Sulfras, Athron, and Khoth to commemorate E1.
  15. He did that for me one time with Exile 2.
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