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  1. They do not change with level. They are pretty simple, although Jeff modified them slightly in v101: Fyora/Roamer: -- Drayk: 50% Curse Drakon: 50% Curse, 30% Mental Thahd: 20% Physical, 20% Stun Clawbug: 20% Physical, 30% Stun Battle Alpha: 20% Physical, 50% Stun Rotghroth: 20% Physical, 50% Poison/Acid/Stun, 30% Mental Artila/Vlish/Glaahk: 30% Magic/Fire/Ice, 30% Mental Gazer: 50% Mental Stalkthorn, Cockatrice: -- Ornk: 100% Stun (alt creation forms never have different resists) The 30% resistance augment on Cryoas and Glaahks counts like a separate piece of armor. It's 30% for all damage resistances (Physical/Magic/Fire/Ice), I don't believe it affects Curse/Mental/Stun/Poison/Acid.
  2. Even in open world games, what's the benefit? Would Avernum really be more interesting if you miss a goblin or nephil cave, go back to it late game, and discover they all have the stats of a Haakai? (Also, G2 and G5 are still pretty open world, with open-ended progression -- just as much as G1's, I'd argue. Certainly they are more like G1 then they are like the strictly sequenced areas of G3/4, A4/5, or Avadon.
  3. No worries about any of that! You can break up the math that way, but adding is never actually required. It's just Resistance = 1 - Vulnerability Vulnerability = 100% * (1 - resist) * (1 - resist) * (1 - resist) ... Personally, I think it's conceptually intuitive. Think about it with damage. A 40% fire resist shield blocks 40% of fire damage. Then if you also wear a 20% fire resist cloak, it blocks 20% of whatever got past the shield. I don't think you can hit 100% resist -- and I believe it may be hard capped at 90% resistance. (It was in some games, but I don't remember exactly when that started.)
  4. I'm talking about posts here. I have replaced "how you do this" above with "how you discuss modding here." Does that help?
  5. Hi kkeiper, welcome! (Quick mod note - I edited your title because these forums are intended to be "family friendly, and just plain friendly". Not a huge deal) Good news is there's no bug. Resistances of all sorts are not calculated additively. Instead, each "layer" of resistance is multiplied together. (For resistances from stats, the whole total counts as one layer.) In your first example, you started with 21%. The Glaahk Shield reduces your remaining vulnerability by 40%. The math is 0.79 * 0.6 = 0.47, which becomes 53%. I think this actually is explained in the manual somewhere, but it's easy to miss. Hope this makes it a little clearer!
  6. Whoops. I 100% flipped that fraction. (The example math was all correct.) Good catch!!
  7. Just make a new post, you can update it if something else surfaces later and we can link to it yeah. Also, do we know for sure that backtostart can no longer cause the awful all-empty-containers bug? I can't remember if that ever surfaced in Mutagen or not. There's not so much reason to use the code in Geneforge, so it might not have had much chance to surface.
  8. Interesting! My processor is ancient so I'm not sure it's that. Most of my testing was with a party of 6. I don't know if you're running more and that just statistically creates more opportunities to obstaclize, or maybe I just haven't been through the most cluttered zones in the last couple days. Anyway, this is a good warning which I'll make more prominent - thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, Talking about modding, and the game's script and definitions files, is of course completely OK. However, now that some of these topics are being linked to on Steam, I'd like to ask you to be thoughtful about how you discuss modding here. Steam is a much larger audience, and if people are encouraged to make haphazard changes when they have no context for it and don't completely understand what they are doing, there is potential for frustration -- and for wasting Spiderweb's time, when they get complaints or bug reports that don't actually apply to the unmodified game. (This is a thing that has happened in the past, and is why I personally stick on the little "don't bug Spiderweb" disclaimer.) Please keep topics used to distribute individual mods (i.e., the ones with an attached file in the first post) simple and clear for the many brief visitors they are now getting. - Please keep technical discussions/tutorials about scripting definitions/editing out of those topics - Please do not encourage or give instructions for custom-editing somebody else's mod (it might not be as simple as it looks) - If you're primarily talking about a different mod, please do it in that mod's topic instead Thank you for keeping the Shaping Halls clean so the serviles don't have to pick up trash. It gets stuck in their junk bag and they have pull each piece out one by one 😉
  10. This is why I noted this possibility at the the bottom of the original post 🙂 I haven't actually seen this happen since I set the speed to its current value, so I think this should be relatively rare. (With higher values, it was frequent.)
  11. In theory, yes... but all five of these components involve a bunch of changes to the same one file. So if I made a version of that file for every permutation, that'd be I think 31 different versions X_x
  12. Do Puresteel Bars have any use other than being given to Corin (and one for Phariton)? nlambert's index lists them as an item you can use "All" of, but I don't see what else you can do with them, and she'll only accept 4.
  13. I think the issue is more that even level scaling doesn't hurt the game (which I'd argue for QW) it never really makes it better than it would be without the scaling. Like in QW the whole point is that it facilitates a very order-agnostic open world. But lots of other SW games have had a world like that (or a more open one, in the case of E/A 1-3). There are well-known issues that can come with level scaling. I just don't really understand the potential benefit.
  14. I seem to have repressed the memory of this. Why wouldn't I have repressed the memory of the G3 boats instead...
  15. Something in Shath's private chambers opens the doors. Don't remember if it was a lever or disabling a spire or something.
  16. That comment is just in reference to how enemy stats scale with that enemy's level. "Scaling to your level" is only one type of scaling.
  17. Yes, and what you said that began this discussion was: "The high value ingredients was a change Jeff made to prevent them from being accidentally sold if you forgot to remove them from the junk bag." That's not what you quote Jeff as saying above. "Marked as junk" is not the same thing as "being accidentally sold." It is in fact the opposite.
  18. There's not a hardcoded limit at 25 or any other even remotely achievable level, no. When you edit variables to have values far outside the range of what they are expected to have, of course things are gonna get weird. This should not be a surprise. This is like saying "I drove my car on the ocean, and boy did that make things get weird." The XP cheat value is hardcoded. It works like quest XP in that it has an expected level and scales based on PC level.
  19. Right, but a few extra sources of 20 XP (if it's even 20 at level 24) is unlikely to make or break another level. It's really just the bars, records, and lv 50 quests at that point.
  20. 20% per extra level. Other damage spells get 25%. Chain Lightning gets 15%.
  21. XP is scaled. For monsters: Same level: 20 xp Higher level: +2 per level, up to 30 xp Lower level: 14, 10, 4, 2, down to 1 xp at 5 levels below 0 xp if more than 5 levels below you I think quest XP might use the same multipliers -- it's something similar, anyway.
  22. The Door Golem in the Shade Patrol respawns. The Door Golem in the Shade Patrol respawns. This is exactly the kind of boring XP farm Jeff wanted to avoid, but it gives creature XP at level 18, which means you could -- in theory -- push yourself to level 24 killing it over and over again. That would be completely insane since it's 1 XP at level 23, but hey. Level 18 isn't high enough to really be useful in a practical sense. But it does give an easy place to start for calculating theoretical maximum level. Start from level 24; anything that gives XP at level 18 or lower can be completely ignored. (Also nice since it gives almost complete freedom in the order you do other things in the game.) Other than the Iron Bars and Shaper Records quests, and the tiny handful of XP rewards that are (mistakenly?) set at level 50, I don't think there's all that much that will seriously bump XP at that point. Which probably means you could barely hit level 27, in theory.
  23. Haha. A few skills have been wonky like that in every Spiderweb game going back forever. Just like they were in every classic RPG back in the day. I dunno, I guess my perspective here is colored by the conversations we used to have here about truly, utterly broken stuff - G2 parry, G3 vlish, G4 mac drayk physical breath, G5 class resists, A4 divinely touched, Av2 turrets, Av3 charged attack. (All of which were widely discussed and never changed.) So the wonkiness, I guess, feels pretty minor to me. I hate players being unintentionally misled, but I don't actually expect every last option the game gives you to be a useful one.
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