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  1. There is crafting, but you have to bring certain items to certain characters. As for the notes, there is a character in Barzahl's shaping halls who will take them.  Be warned that if you go in there without being a Barzite and get spotted, Barzahl and his followers turn hostile permanently

  2. The gloves of savagery are the only artifact worth making judging by the stats, and they are outclassed by the Ornkskin gauntlets due to the endurance boost, unless you really want the extra Quick Action.   In Geneforge 3, I have the all protector, Emerald CHestgaurd, and the Avenger's Ring by the end, plus I also make the Talisman of Might.   The Emerald Chestguard totally deserved to be in 4 and 5, and would have helped tremendously

  3. Geneforge 3 is quite excellent and my favorite.  It gives the best sense of progression as you go island hopping.  I enjoy the praise I get from the Shapers as I free the islands from rebels, and it has the best artifacts. Geneforge 5 is pretty good too, although the difficulty can be overwhelming at times.  I don't like 4 very much due to the numerous impossible areas and that so many Shapers are hard-coded to be hostile regardless of where your loyalties lie, plus the double agent aspect isn't that well done.  Also, the artifacts aren't that great

  4. Did you try using speed pods or spores?  You can hit Moseh twice with speed boosted, effectively doubling your damage, or even quadrupling depending on your quick action level, taking him down quicker and ensures he spawns less creations.  As for the multiple creations with range attacks, equipping a venom or acid baton improves your odds, and using magic crystals will tip the odds in your favor if you choose your targets wisely

  5. When and if a Geneforge 3 remake comes, there should be an option to battle Splitclaw as a boss.  I say it could be in the Inn on Dhonals isle and it occurs if you are pro shaper or say a certain thing to Master Hoge.  In my many playthroughs of Geneforge 3, I feel Splitclaw had potential as a boss fight (especially since the game mentions students were terrified of him), yet he just disappears, and of course fighting him at the beginning when you see him is suicide

  6. I always do Guardian, though the Servile is appealing in the last two games.  I don't trust creations due to how they can go rogue and kill you (and I prefer to kill the enemies myself) but I like having healing spells.  In harder sections, learn to isolate stronger enemies and kill them quickly apart from other enemies.  Getting mobbed is a sure way to die.  One of the hardest parts about Guardians is learning when to unleash their power and when to fall back to a safer position to heal up.  It is easy to get overconfident and thrust yourself into unwinnable situations if you aren't careful

  7. Lure the enemy creations back to Astoria and she can help enormously with her aura of flames. Luring them to the trio at the entrance is also viable. Once the Drakons around the edge are dealt with, Greta is dead, and the back exit is crumbled, talk to Astoria to begin the final battle.   Give Ghaldring all you got and retreat to heal periodically.  He should go down eventually.   

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