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  1. Hi alhoon,


    I'm a big fan of the mods and projects you've made with the Geneforge series and Spiderweb Software games as a whole. Geneforge 2 was one of the first RPGs I'd ever played, and as a kid no less. To get to the point, I wanted to ask you a few questions.


            1. What happened to the project you proposed; Creating a GF5 expansion with 20-25 zones? Did it not receive support or am I a big idiot who can't read and its somewhere on the internet?

            2. Is there a Geneforge editor that isn't a private application owned and maintained solely by Jeff? If there is an open source tool to modify Gengeforge/SS games, how can I access it? This is somewhat related to Question 3... Why is it so complicated to modify Geneforge games? From what I have read/experienced within the code, only scripts can be freely edited since they are in a text format, and the rest of the game is in pre-compiled byte code. I am an upcoming computer science major, and I am greatly intrigued by the geneforge modding scene.


    Any response would be absolutely fantastic!


            Thanks a' million

                    -Drowklath (I just made an account lmao)

  2. Sorry for the necropost, but the most effective strategy for stoneworks is to apply acid and wait, as almost every enemy has 50% physical res or more, and are effectively immune to fire and cold. Shaping builds can use corrupted thahds, magic builds get burning spray, acid batons, so on and so forth. if you're playing a guardian you should be prepared to suffer already.
  3. Apologies for the necropost, but for the gauntlet slot, it depends on what is doing the most damage in your party. If you have lots of very strong creations in your party, You want the firesteel gauntlets to improve your magic that supports those creations. If your creations are medium strength and your PC does most of the damage, Lifecrafter gauntlets will serve you better as they improve your creations more than the firesteel. if you are running a shaping build your creations should take the hits and deal the damage, your PC shouldn't do much as you will get targeted. In general I would prefer the firesteel gauntlets for the mental magic boost, but only agents/sorceress will get the most out of the battle magic. Blessing magic only increases in duration with extra points, so it becomes rather useless to pump after a certain point. TLDR; Big creations = firesteel | Medium creations = lifecrafter
  4. In general creations are different in Mutagen than any Geneforge game, as they no longer scale with your character by experience, and existing creations gain levels from upgrading your shaping skills. All classes should use shaping to some degree, (obvious hierarchy), but agents will have the weakest creations and least creations. Keep in mind that War Blessing increases your chance to hit, so an agent with 4 in fire shaping and 2 drayk canisters, will have at least one, and drayks have the best damage output, so at that point your pretty close. Agents are meant to be played differently from Shapers in the first place, employing stealth, leadership, and mechanics more than shapers, and only in the endgame are they meant to obliterate everything.
  5. First thing I noticed was the addition of abilities and mechanics, I think health barely changes with difficulty, but enemies deal more damage and have their secondary and tertiary abilities on veteran and torment, respectively. Shapers are also a bit more balanced as you can't just add points of intelligence to avoid creations going rogue, and you can't pump stats with essence. Best thing though is experience loss with leveled creations, since creations no longer level up from battle.
  6. That has got to be pure suffering. Played canister junkie Shaper on veteran, enjoyed immensely, except for pylons. If you're looking for advice on killing them, the automatic ranged attack pathing takes you one tile closer than you need to be. Stand one tile back from the highlighted attacking tile, and the pylons will waste turns and only occasionally use the single target stun attack. You can still reach them though. I believe this is because they cannot move and they forget you are there as you are out of range, allowing you to put ranged attacks in. Vampiric Lance is fantastic damage and infinite charge, with some health recovery.
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