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  1. (playing through again) A Small Rebellion also has: *drum roll* Major Blessing Available at:
  2. Noted and I removed the links to that old version.
  3. (removed confusing link to an older version of CBoE that Celtic Minstrel had no part in producing)
  4. Hi Celtic Minstrel, first of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm truly impressed to see Blades again after so many years. I'm running into a reproducible glitch in The Valley of Dying Things: Create new party (default party, no changes) and start The Valley of the Dying Things. Head straight to the school (no Avizo stone or anything) When I enter the first level of the school and then exit (without touching the gate), the game completely quits on me. Windows 10 (1809) x64 BoE version: BoE-Win-a8e120d.zip 2020-02-10 00:58 downloaded from: http://pentalith
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