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  1. The editor documentation and game manual link doesn't work anymore.
  2. Yeah I figured the look function would be the easier way to go. I think either way is fine. It's a lot easier to unwittingly miscount those squares than it is to forget the range of a spell.
  3. Those spells don't pause like Fireball. After selecting Fireball, it shows you the battle screen, it won't finish casting until you tell it where to go, and it lets you cancel the spell. After selecting a spell like Slow Group, it finishes casting immediately without letting you tell it where to go (it already knows where to go) and without letting you cancel the spell. There's no chance to show you the highlight so you can decide if you want to cast it. If you can also make it pause to ask whether or not to finish casting while the player looks at the highlight, your idea will be even better than what I was suggesting :)
  4. Some ranged spells, like Slow Group, don't have the highlight feature because you don't aim them. They just radiate outward from the caster in all directions the instant the spell is selected. That's why I was suggesting this hopefully simple to implement feature.
  5. Yeah I use the little blue scrolling arrows in the border frame. That's not the problem. The problem is discerning and counting the little squares. Sometimes that's the only way to know exactly how far away something is. I can already see where it is.
  6. The Look Function I just started playing BOE a month or 2 ago with an old version, so this might be moot. I've sometimes found myself in the situation where I need to know how far away something is, but the only way to find out is to count squares. For example, I'm fighting a large group, my mage is tired, and I want to know if a Slow Group spell will reach the enemy mage off screen in the back. Would it be difficult to display a number after whatever patch of dirt is right clicked on to indicate how far away it is?
  7. Silly me. I never thought to see what the editor says. I've never used it. That idea might've come to me in a few months :P Thanks again.
  8. Thanks :) She isn't very lucky at all. That's something I can work on. Nothing's boosting her dex, as far as I can tell.. Her gloves have the "Thieving" ability. Her ring has the "Skill" ability. No idea what that does :) Is there a glossary for those ability terms? "Skill" could be almost anything.
  9. I'm playing ASR and springing traps more often than disarming them despite my Nephilim having nimble fingers, a maximum dexterity, a maximum trap skill, and helpful equipment. Are the help files missing something? Should she be a higher level or smarter or stronger or something?
  10. Thanks :) I guess I'll revisit this scenario (and VoDT, come to think of it) after I learn how to fly. Now I won't need group therapy :P
  11. There's one of those white dots on the north bank of the river north of Liam (on the same map as Liam). I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't reach it. It's completely surrounded by river and trees. How do I get to it?
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