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  1. Thanks, googoogjoob! I am enlightened at last!
  2. Ess-Eschas: sorry about the cartoon curses. Since they were not thinly-disguised curse words but rather taken from the Sunday comics, it didn’t occur to me that they could be offensive. Rather, I thought they were- well, comic. I stand corrected. Of course, I did enter the phrase in the search in quotes, but thanks anyway. I can’t imagine why my results and yours (and googoogjoob’s) differ. To clarify: in the Avernum Trilogy (2011-2018 remake versions) forum, I enter “Tower of Barriers” in the search field (including quotes) and specify This Forum. I get 934 results. The first is the
  3. Thanks for responding. Googoogjoob: “This forum” being the Tech Support forum? I’ll admit it hadn’t occurred to me to search here for game tips. If by “this forum” you mean the Avernum reboot forum, didn’t I just say that *I* got pages of results? Apparently *you* got different results than I, but I don’t know how you did it. Is the difference that the search function is case sensitive? I assumed it would not be persnickety about that, but maybe it is? Randomizer: I have found that googling seems to work much better that searching within the forums. And yet I keep trying. Si
  4. Maybe this post doesn’t belong here, maybe it’s been answered somewhere but I can’t find it. How do I search for a phrase (e.g. “Tower of barriers”) for the game A1:EftP *without* getting pages of results all about A2 and A3? This has been frustrating me for years. It’s especially confusing when the same characters and locations occur in each (I have every game/trilogy they’ve released for the Mac). I’ve spent days if not weeks of my life confusedly trying to apply tips from the forums to my various Spiderweb games only to ultimately realize that the tip was from the wrong game. It can’t just
  5. Worked like a charm! I got credit for placing the second stone! Then Cerise told me to check the last circle. I went down, saved your man, killed the baddies, and came back to Cerise. No credit for the last task. *Sigh* Any chance you’ve got another secret code for me? I did start a new game several days ago, thinking I had to. That new game has caught up to my original game more or less, so I can always just keep going with that. But it would be nice to contrast different decisions while playing both games through. (Redbeard sure is touchy!) Thanks again!
  6. Thanks! I’ll try it and let you know what happened. Maybe not today- migraine. But soon!
  7. Wow! Thanks for your time and attention! Unfortunately, I’m on an iPad- no actual keyboard. Heh. Am I irreparably unfortunate? I am not really worried about starting afresh if it doesn’t work out, but it would be nice to save the game if I could. Any ideas? Cerise has three dialogue options, all generic for her. 1) You seem ill-at-ease. 2) Tell me about yourself. 3) What was on that scroll, anyway...? I guess the quests plumb slipped her mind.
  8. I’m afraid I clicked “yes” to place the stone when first prompted to, just before the skeletons appeared. Now I no longer have the stone, and the game doesn’t seem to know that I already placed it. I haven’t been in the Forums for quite a while (years?) and just realized that all the game forums have been clumped together in groups. So, um...whoops. I guess that was a feature, not a bug. Thanks for your help, though.
  9. As I recall, placing the stone triggered the skeletons. Yes? No? If not, must I place the stone after killing the skeletons? I got prompted to place the stone before the skeletons appear. I did go back to an earlier save so I could try the task and then check in with Cerise a couple times, but I always got the same result. I don’t get to tell her I finished the task, and she has nothing to say about the third circle. I wandered to all the circles (including the SW) but nothing happened. I’m afraid I eventually gave up on this and moved on, so I’ll have to restart the game to be able to get it
  10. I’ve got a similar problem. I completed the first stone circle task with no problems, but I’ve just completed the SE circle task- placed the stone, killed the many skeletons- and I get no love from Cerise. I know i’ve done some other game tasks out of order- would that cause it? I’m thinking I’ll have to start the game all over, but I don’t want it to happen again. Any ideas or info on how to avoid trouble on my second go-around?
  11. I don't see why. I think it's a terrible mistake. I'm having a hell of a time finding info on Avadon 2. The posts not only aren't sorted, but usually don't have the Avadon version mentioned anywhere in the thread. So I'm wasting time and energy going through maps, explanations, etc. just to find out later on they're all for the wrong game!
  12. There's loads of minutiae, but still no walkthrough? So sad!
  13. I can't find any answers or even questions about this, and I can't see why. Did I miss something super-obvious? Just outside Resting Cells #4, we are told that Abra and friend are going to go inside and wake up some Vahnatai, but they don't do it. At the control panel found inside, it's suggested that I shouldn't try to use the controls to wake them up myself. But meanwhile, I have received instructions (Top Half of Scroll and Bottom Half of Scroll) for using the controls correctly. I have, in fact, found two different sets of the scroll halves, from which I infer that it's really importa
  14. This kind of thing drives me crazy in games- having to take notes on a scrap of paper that I will quickly misplace or be unable to decipher. Because I'm sitting at a computer fer crissake! Why should I have to scrounge for pencil and paper while I'm sitting at a computer? If notes are going to be helpful, give me a tiny, super-simple notepad in the game to take notes on! A single document with nothing but simple text capabilities would be fine. Thank you! </end rant>
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