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  1. Okay, another thing where every trial results in failure. Can somebody tell me everything I need to do to add an NPC to the party? You know, all scripts, dialogue, etc.
  2. You have no idea how embarrasing this is... How do you LOWER terrain elevation?
  3. Okay, one more problem. I've tried 2,000,031 times, but I haven't figured this out. How do I make faces in Dialogue and give the ppl names, so when you look at them it actually says their name instead of "Captain" or "Merchant?"
  4. Ok. I just got BoA yesterday and am needing some help. 2 things: How do I add spells to shops? I know how to add items just not spells or recipes. And second, what is the call to make it so you can't enter? Eg. in a dialog box. ___________________________________________ There is a monster waiting ahead. Continue? 1- Yes 2- Screw it, let's leave. ___________________________________________ How do I make it so that if you pick 2, you can't continue in that direction?
  5. ^ Quote: I've tried re downloading it and that doesn't work either
  6. I had the same problem about a year ago.....
  7. Testing...testing.... Ight, it works.Thanx all
  8. Hey, I'm having some trouble posting my Images. See, watch! The link works, just go to www.geocities.com/emaspics/angrmangmnt2.gif. Anyways, why cant I post images?
  9. Arnold would be good 4 the dervish in Silvar.
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