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  1. Sad for the loss of it. If the buttons in the first for android we're more tablet friendly, it might have had a better chance. Most of the player's I've met who have played it need a stylus to hit the buttons they want and even then the accuracy of what they can hit is off. I don't mean to Necro post; but too bad there is no android releases anymore.
  2. Not the same story with Ubuntu. I run it several times using the Wine Program Loader. It unpacks it, but never installs or give me a directory or terms of agreement or that sort of stuff. After it upacks, it removes itself from my task bar and kills the process.
  3. Anyone from spiderweb games thought of making a linux release of the game? I have Ubuntu running on a laptop and Wine handles Geneforge among other old Games just fine; including the old Avernum games. I prefer the "Avernum: Escape from the Pit" since the graphics are more updated as well as the animations, however when I tried to run the install through Wine, it would halt and not install. Including Geneforge 5. I got Avernum II through Steam and it won't install that since it's not linux supported. If they prefer not to because of the hassle. Then that's fine; I accept it. I was just wondering if it was ever taken into consideration since the game is now running on Android and Android runs on Linux.
  4. I'm aware of such since the summons last 1-4 rounds. I have 'a few friends I was doing a let's play channel with and we were looking into Avernum. The one who wanted to be a mage named all of his summons. It's fine though. I was curious was all.
  5. This is a little ridiculous; but I would like to know if it is possible. Playing through Avernum; I was wondering if it would be possible to name your summons? Not change their sprites, race or class, just their name. Such as "Mage Summons Bob the Crawler." "Bob the Crawler Attacks Emporer Hawthorne (25%)" "Emperor Hawthorne takes 2 points of physical damage(100 blocked.)" A few friends of mine were playing with the idea and wondering if it could be done.
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