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  1. Yea i just slightly came to idea with teleport+firestorm recharge around the room. Tnx Spend to much time thought about smth like Binded imp in dragon lair, that i need to move sentinels in them or smth. Then start to think that i just need to kill them somehow
  2. Looking for help with Counsil's quest, where i need to go in Redbeard's chambers. Is it joke to be able to defeat that sentinels? I even switch from torment to hard, they still beat me with no chances, pushing back and aoe for ~200 when they cross a circle. What am i suppose to do? They immune to corruption, making rod of corruption useless and my mage spell aswell, i can only aoe them with Firestorm and scratch with lighting one, have no idea how to beat them
  3. Yea, i kinda like having SW with BM in group, but: My main is mage as i said, so i have 2 spots left in group. BM is must have person for me, so 1 spot left. SW has kinda high critical chance and backstab, making his physical atacks hit pretty hard, but i really love Tinkermage. He has infernal turret, that does usually around 200 AOE damage in turn with that battle frenzy and sometimes can atack three times + i have Alcander himself throwing razordisk for around 150+ damage, depend on target's phys resists + healing or slow or blessing pylon that are really good too, so Pure dps SW still does less ( in my group ) than tinkermage, his aoe not that strong and can't be backstab. Still they might be equal or smth, idk, at someone else group
  4. Idk, BM's terrify work almost as stun and he has single stun ability and still that battle frenzy for all group, warrior's focus, easy choice for me.
  5. Still BM has alot of hp, challenge arond 3-4 lvl helps and regeneration. I agree that they also can be tanks. Riposte isn't that good for defence as parry, since you recieve damage when it works anyway. Also SW have really good ability in utility tree for reflect damage, but using him as utility like idk, he doesn't benefit any other hands and other abilities pretty much don't usefull, except may be aoe stun, which of course rather don't work on serious guys. I'm really interested in vulnerability curse and how to apply it, except random BM curse ( which of course pretty rare ), if anyone know. Also found staff, with strenth and parry, wonder who should use it And who use both magic and melee damage for that enchant 4% to all damage, shadowwalker?
  6. Well, probably. Since my "main" hand is mage, i use all + magic damage on him, and shaman share items with shadowwalker, which include 2 items with 10% missile damage. I play on torment dif so need every member to be usefull if i choose him. Still find battle mage+utility blademaster+utility tinkermage best party, utility shaman is really good too if you lack heal items. Honestly devs can make another class with tanky spec, expect blademaster, because that class like "must have". Also few fast questions: Does anyone can apply vulnarability curse, except random curse from blademaster? How does evasion work? I had SW with shadow mask, smooth graves and smth else, with around ~60 evasion, if it work it displays like a missed? because i didn't feel that he actually evade much. And what does enchantment "harder to hit" do? Same as evasion?
  7. Does utility shaman even have a choice except maxing dex/end? Summons don't scale with int as far as i know and his main wearpon would be a javelin.
  8. Hello. Does Protus' papers related to any quest? Or i can just get it to Callan or Protus? Does choice affect smth, just yes or no, without future spoilers pls
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