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I'm having a problem with Stairway nodes.


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I placed some stairways in Town 9 that moves you into Town 10. The stairways that go back up to Town 9 are placed on the same x and y position as the ones that go down to Town 10. Some of them work properly, but two of them has a problem where if you go back up you go down right away.


The node chain for these stairways as are follows: Looking Block -> Combat Block -> Display Dialogue -> Forced Stairway


I have a stairway in Town 9 at 13,22 that puts your party at 12,22 in Town 10, and that town contains the stairway with the exact same coordinates and destination that leads you back up to Town 9.


I have a similar stairway at 19,22 in Town 9 that places your party at 20,22 at Town 10 and visa versa.


There are two more stairways that have an issue.


I have a stairway at 13,16 and another at 19,16 in Town 9 that place your party respectively at 12,16 and 20,16 in Town 10.


However, when I use the stairways in Town 10 that have the same coordinates and destinations as those two they go up, and then go back down, and then tries to go back up but says Can't Change Level.


Does anyone know what could cause that problem?

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! So that explains why Jeff did that in all his games !


As someone who has done a lot of mapping, I noticed that he ***always*** has his stairs between the levels off by ***1*** square.

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it makes since, i mean, you walk up the stairs, you're off to the side because stairs are not ladders.


unless they're like spiral stairs or something.

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