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Wizard Orcasus

A5: stands.... sparkles....clues... help!!!!! blue,red,green and none

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Hi guys, I can't find anyway to make the stands work. everytime i hit the gong a ghost comes and attacks me (no prob for me i have editor on hehehehe) can someone help me what should i do with the stands and their orbs.... well in what combinations should i put them because i've been seeing the clues but i just can't make the gong open the gates for me pls help me! :(






P.S: i'm in soultakers pit.

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From Synergy Item List:




Puzzle Clues:

- Two orbs are sparkling on the diagonal - NNW

- No sparkles are the same color - NE

- A sparkling orb to the north is not red - N

- At least one stand to the north has no orb - SW

- At least one orb to the south doesn’t sparkle - NW


SOLUTION: Set NE green, SW red, both south orbs present, only NE orb present: opens N & S gates:


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