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AIMhack - Selos and Blood Marsh

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FINAL EPIC LOG OF AWESOMENESS! That's right, the Blood Marsh campaign is complete, and that does it for both of my active campaigns.


I would like to remind everyone that 1) everyone gets a post-campaign level up, and 2) I'm waiting for epilogues, send 'em.


But first, quotes!

Click to reveal.. (The Ultimate Quote-Down of Ultimate Destiny)
  • Amadan: "...What in the name of Liea are we supposed to do about this?"
  • Esstra: "Why did I agree to save the world with such idiots?!"
  • Kurex: "We need to be very careful here. For instance, let's not head towards the screams."
  • Sawbones: "And the fortress is probably some sort of landmark. Maybe there's a museum!"
  • Alexander: "The ring! It's bad! Or something!"
  • Yunelias: "You cannot stop me! You cannot stop Chamulsep!"


So with that, the storyteller must bow, and the thread must end. I now direct you all to the postmortem thread, where we can continue the discussion of the games, and what comes next. Thank you all for playing. smile



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