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  1. That screenshot looks nothing like my mac version of geneforge 1. Is the PC one completely different? How do you have a portrait?
  2. I've heard conflicting information on this. When you use the canisters in Geneforge 5, is it like geneforge 1 where it doesn't make a difference, or are there consequences of using too many?
  3. Hahaha, thanks for looking out for me, but I already took one look at the racial perks and went "screw it, everyone's human!". I considered having the Diana and Orpheus of game 2 be Slith and Nephil respectively, but honestly I don't really like how they look. I have a bias towards humanoid species a lot of the time, I don't know why. I would've considered it if the perks really suited them, but no, Human all the way.
  4. Oh dear, magic's EVEN MORE powerful than melee now? That because of the Dual Wielding nerf? Well Albus, Diana, Orpheus and Lucille will have to see how that turns out.
  5. When I looked at the race selection, I noticed that the human's benefit, an extra trait every 4 levels, sounds way, way, WAY better than the trait benefits of slith and nephil. Like, that adds up to 7 extra traits, minimum, and together they'd surely do much more to even your raw damage output and defense than the flat race benefits of Slith and Nephil would. Am I wrong? Is there actually a good reason to use Slith or Nephil?
  6. First comment: I weep mightily as I mourn the loss of howl of terror. It's the best debuff spell in the game, and I loved spamming the crap out of it. This throws off some of my plans... must readjust... RIP HoT.
  7. Know what? I think I'm going to give this a shot. I'm gonna try and beat it on torment using my general non-min-maxing policy. That promises to be fun!
  8. You're thinking about it the wrong way. These our their names converted to the roman alphabet based on sound. Since they're lizards easily capable of making the sound, it stands to reason that "Sss" is probably one of their letters or characters in their alphabet, so its frequency is far from unusual. And actually looking at the name, it does seem feminine. It's almost like "Marissa" with an N.
  9. I think it's a female assassin, though really that's an incredibly easy mistake to make.
  10. Nice work man! Yeah, Cave lore was OBSCENELY valuable in my non-minmaxed party, the claims that you were better off ignoring it just felt frankly absurd, the potion supplies were that useful.
  11. In my experience, on torment, that hasn't been the case. War curse and slow have had an extremely high success rate on nearly all enemies I've tried it on, or at least they've been slowed for 1 or 2 turns, which is enough to merit its use in outdoor fights, especially when you have a spellcaster capable of multi-casting with ease.
  12. Again, terror very rarely works with howl of terror, but the slow and war curse almost always DO work.
  13. Originally Posted By: Randomizer I've never had Howl of Terror work. It may be the monsters I've fought, but I usually just use a damage spell instead. Oh, the actual terror aspect is horrible, I agree. It's levels 2 and 3 where the money's at; they stack on war curse and slow at a 100% trigger rate and a very very good success rate, and it's an absolute lifesaver in outdoor fights.
  14. I take extreme issue with the suggestion that you shouldn't buy any levels of howl of terror. It's a friggin' amazing spell that lets you inflict terrified, war curse AND SLOW at once when you level it up in the Bahssikava tunnels.
  15. Hey, I had an idea for making food and bandages useful again: Why not make food give a long-lasting regeneration buff, and have bandages cure a single hostile effect on top of their small healing? This would make food useful for conserving on healing spells in long dungeons you can't backtrack in. While I think the previous functions of food had the potential to screw people over after a large investment of time into a file, I think it's a shame that food wasn't given any other use, yet was still left in the game.
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