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  1. Once again - thank you! I had no idea about this (I'd even uninstalled/reinstalled the game), I'll now go and find a city and purchase myself a map and take note for future areas :)
  2. I've just arrived on the Isle of Bigail and am in the process of exploring but the map is not filling in like the first area did - the map is just staying blank. The outline of the island is visible but is not filling in when exploring. What am I doing wrong as I guess it's not supposed to be like this? I'm running the GOG 1.0.2 version if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  3. Hello Ess-Eschas, Thank you so much, this works perfectly and is just what I was looking for
  4. Hi, In other Spiderweb games there was a small change you could make to one of the scripts so that secret switches are highlighted a bit more.Can this be done in A3 Ruined World? I know about using the 'u' key but I'd like to use the gfx change if possible. Thanks.
  5. Another bump as the link is still dead - does anyone know how to get hold of this file? Thanks
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