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  1. Not unintentional ones in the middle of big projects/RP's, though. I think we got enough enjoyment out of the PPP's in response to intentional purges here; freaking out and searching frantically for saved topics and such and starting all over several times on Polaris was kind of a pain. And a few accounts eaten here and there is far better than all being eaten at once. Whatever faults UBB has, I feel that my account is safer on Spiderweb than on Polaris. Good thing, too, seeing how much bigger Spiderweb is.
  2. I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think you need to change some setting thing to Incoming, outgoing & AOL proxy server.
  3. How do you know the tolerance numbers?
  4. And this: yes. Seriously, people. Waffle Guy, you can't judge by the demo?
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