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  1. OH MY GOD I didn't realize I could remove shops. That worked. There were a ton of resources in the Smoky Peaks I had never found, also. I built the portal, returned to Sacramentum, and now I am jumping from Ahriel to the Vol back and forth until I can upgrade all the forts. Thanks all.
  2. I'm on my second playthru and this time I wanted to get all the best gear early, so I really emphasized building shops. Now I have re-vassalized all three nations, killed the Nisse, and completed almost every quest in the game but I don't have the resources to build the portal home. I also want to upgrade all the forts, but I don't have enough materials to do that either. I am a couple of resources short every month. I have plenty of cash, but I am perpetually low on iron and/or stone even though I have the Ukat and the Vol working at full capacity. Is it actually possible to mismanage resources so badly that the endgame becomes impossible?
  3. Two comments on relatively peripheral matters. One, whoever drew the spiders should get the Spider Drawing Award. They are realistic enough to be recognized as spiders, but stylized enough to seem like tabletop miniatures. Scary but not gross. That was a great job. Two, once I was done with everything else I wanted to do I started playing around with the furniture and decorations. It was pretty fun. I built a beer garden near one of my distilleries and then put a bookshelf and a plant in the barracks, you know, because one's living quarters should be as pleasant as possible. I made a little park next to the water with chairs and trees. I tried decorating my room in Fort Haven but there's wasn't much I could do. I realize it has no effect on gameplay but I'm glad it's in there. Also one last thing, I'd like it if buildings I create had a sign on the outside saying what they are. I often had to go from building to building trying to find the smithy or whatever. Ok I think that's it.
  4. This is a supplement to my earlier post on this thread now that I've actually finished the game. I always play on Casual. I don't like min-maxing and I don't have the patience anyway. I found the last stage of the game -- the battle with the nisse -- very frustrating. I tried to get into their tower and was slaughtered. I went back to Fort Haven, spent a bunch of money upgrading gear, and got slaughtered again. I looked up the cheat codes and started using "mothersblessing" and still lost party members. Ultimately, in order to get into the tower and win the final battle, I just used that code every round whether I had taken damage or not, because in some cases the nisse can kill a character in one round. This is how I was able to see the end of the game with the nisse mission complete. I realize that there are people who are great at games and have beaten the nisse on Torment with no codes. This is fine but I am not one of those people. I've never actually seen the end of Geneforge 5, because even with every cheat code and editor I could find I couldn't even get into the fortress for the final showdown. Yes, I could go back and finish all the sidequests and level up higher, but I don't think that would have made a difference. A few years ago Jeff wrote a blog post saying that designers should make their games as easy as they possibly can, and then go back and make them even easier than that. I don't know if I would rather have a level below Casual (I suggest "Incompetent" as the level name) or an always-on cheat code that just keeps your health and energy at maximum at all times. I do know that I would like to see the whole story without typing in the same code thirty times. I'm impressed by people who are great at games, but they're like people who can do a backflip or that understand calculus -- my body will never do those things. Nonetheless I'd like to finish Spiderweb games without being so aggravated. So, short version, I'd like this game to be even easier so that even I can enjoy the whole thing.
  5. You mean the sage upstairs in the main building, right? He keeps telling me he has no more information. I have spoken to Ragala and to the Watcher in the Ahriel woods.. Do I have to visit all the survey points to activate the necessary dialogue?
  6. I just finished the game -- I think. I was wandering around for hours trying to stop the Calamity, and then it seemed like this could not be done, so I went to the endgame. My reactions in no order: I still want races, character classes, ability scores, and skills. But, it's true that you can simulate multiple character classes just by distributing the skill points in different ways. I liked the skills setup better than the one in Avadon. I was sure there was a sneakier way to open the Thabhlen Gates, but all I could come up with was brute force. I thought there would be more than one way to do it. But I always enjoy Jeff's "set this bomb and run oh no there's someone blocking us" scenes. The choice to support the Owen seemed required morally, this was much less gray than most of Spiderweb's ethical dilemmas. It also seems relevant to our time out here in the RW. I thought the characterization of the Mascha got too close to some real-world ethnic stereotypes. I'm sure this was unintentional, but I kept noticing it. The butler character is hilarious. I like that I can start working on a territory, then leave and go do something else. I liked solving personnel and legal problems for Miranda. I don't understand how potions work -- I never seemed to have enough flasks. It was very difficult to buy better equipment. Either I didn't have enough skill in Combat, or I didn't have enough skill in Magic. I'm not sure I should need Magic skill to use a magical spear. I am not sure how the code I got at the end will affect QW2, but I swear I will not lose the code for two years. My ending was very depressing. Since Avernum VI or so the endings have become less fantasy-fiction and more gritty. Your character does some great stuff, but ultimately it makes no difference, and heroes are barely different from anyone else, and the world falls into chaos. It's very fatalistic. I like the endings of Avernum 2-4. But that's a different kind of game. I will probably play through again, but I was satisfied with all my major choices so I'm not sure what I will do differently. There's no way I'm supporting the Mascha, or the Blessed.
  7. Yes I would like larger text as an option also. I believe this was added to another recent game within one of the updates.
  8. The only thing I really don't like here is the unlimited retraining. I like role-playing. If I can just change things around whenever I want, then the characters aren't characters, they're, I don't know, mechs. This is easily overcome though, by just not retraining and playing on casual. And as Jeff noted I will be happier with the release of more games with character classes and ability scores.
  9. I didn't screenshot it. When I tried to move, I got the "that space is blocked or it's too far" message.
  10. Perhaps someone has noted this already, but I placed a smithy where I was standing and was stuck in the equipment, like a Star Trek transporter accident. I couldn't move so I had to reload.
  11. I created a new character and added her to the party. She has no gear. The character I removed from the party has gear, but I can't access her inventory without removing the new character from the party. I ended up adding Elspeth back to the party, putting all her gear in a box, then adding the new character back and placing the gear. Is this actually the way to do it?
  12. I was a Kickstarter supporter, but I don't care what site the game comes from. I got some long code from Steam, but I didn't need it for the direct download. Am I going to need it eventually?
  13. In this game he doesn't have a lot of Hands to choose from. He is stuck with anyone reasonably competent. Besides he still has Eyes working for him who can probably monitor you.
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