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  1. madrigan

    Avadon 3: Which Options Matter

    In this game he doesn't have a lot of Hands to choose from. He is stuck with anyone reasonably competent. Besides he still has Eyes working for him who can probably monitor you.
  2. madrigan

    Kelandon thinks things about Avadon 3

    I agree with the general idea that the Avadon world holds many more stories. I would play Av4 for sure. But my understanding is that Jeff will be starting an entirely new series after the A3 remake and I will play that too.
  3. madrigan

    Sigh, stuck again

    You can't sneak out without fighting anybody. Once you reach the exit you have to fight your way out.
  4. madrigan

    Plot Synopsis of all 3 games?

    Heh. Who can create the best summary of Avadon 1-3 in the fewest words? "Secret police work for crazy guy, feel bad no matter what they do."
  5. madrigan

    Struggles with the blood and the difficulty

    FWIW I suck at games but I have played through this one three times. I always play on the easiest difficulty. If the game is not fun because it's too hard, lower the difficulty if you can. If you think your characters might be badly designed, there is the trainer in Goldcrag. You could save at a particular point and retrain your characters, then try any particular battle with multiple configurations.
  6. 1) I have played through three times now. I am not smart enough to manage inventory for six characters so at the start I pick two companions and ignore the others. I have tried Blademaster/Botan/Rudow, Shadowwalker/Khalida/Nathalie, and Tinkermage/Botan/Nathalie. That third group was clearly the best combat unit. 2) I would like it if, after I tell Rudow that I am not going to help him on his quest, he would not show up in Kirik-tor and force me to walk through the whole thing anyway. 3) There is just no way I am helping Khalida with her crazy quest. 4) Love the temporal pylon. It is the best thing ever. Even the sound effect when you create it is great. The visual for doublestrike is also excellent. 5) I would like it if I could control the placement of turrets and pylons so I could use them to prevent melee attacks from two sides. 6) If I fight Redbeard, all the people on his side attack me while the people on my side run around making turns take a long time, but don't actually fight. This is very annoying. 7) My favorite fights are against the doomed trio of Protus supporters that won't let Redbeard into Fort Foresight, and against Everybody after I escape from the Antitia Ruins. The first because it seems like a very even fight, and the second because just everything in the world is thrown at the characters, and I love the moment when your companions make their surprise entrance. It is very summer blockbuster. I am not really into the fights with a lot of scripted events. 8) On my first playthru I was sure it would turn out that Redbeard and Protus were working together, because I couldn't figure another reason for Protus to let me walk freely in Avadon. 9) On my third playthru I was still finding areas and quests I hadn't noticed before. 10) This is the best Avadon. I did like the first. The second was a drag because the Corruption was so hard to get through. It was like the Eastern Gallery chitrachs in Avernum 4, but with tougher monsters. Thank you, that is all.
  7. madrigan

    Avadon 3 - Advice for Players (some SPOILERS)

    I'm not sure -- I accidentally saved over my game which had the character with that ability. Anyway I think it's both, but definitely from walking through afterwards. Was this the case in Av2? If so I don't remember it.
  8. madrigan

    Avadon 3 - Advice for Players (some SPOILERS)

    Is there supposed to be friendly fire damage only on Hard and Torment? I played through on Casual and the Shadowalker's AOE acid bomb attack, whatever it is called, affects all characters in the goo area.
  9. madrigan

    Avadon 3 ending text?

    Thank you very much to all.
  10. In the early game I had no idea what was going on and I couldn't remember why I was doing anything. It was frustrating. But eventually the pace picks up and your tasks are more focused. I think this is the best Avadon, the first reason being that every problem has no solutions that don't make me feel gross.
  11. madrigan

    Avadon 3 ending text?

    I'm trying not to be dense, but there is no Scripts directory in there. I right click on the Avadon 3 application, and left click on Show Package Contents. There is no Scripts folder or directory in there. Even Spotlight can't find it.
  12. madrigan

    Avadon 3 ending text?

    I don't seem to have a file with that name. Is that supposed to be present with the Mac version?
  13. madrigan

    Avadon 3 ending text?

    Can I access the full ending text for the game? I finished it, liked it, will probably play through again, but I probably won't play the fifty or so times it would take to see all the possible combinations.
  14. Thanks! I tried to look at the scripts, but was unsuccessful due to not having any idea how to look at the scripts.
  15. Does anyone have the titles for all ranges of reputation?