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  1. Spoilers ahead... For the record:- This thread refers to A3. Despite not being able to deal with Mayor Knight, I have found today that I am still able to access the SE temple of Grindstone Cavern. This was with help from this thread. This gave me the map to the Concelaed Tunnel. I could then open the tunnel between the Troglos and Giants, which may help in the Ending. So, although the quests seem closed from the mayors or diplomatic route, the end result (troglo-giant war restarted) may still be attained.
  2. Okay I get it:- Try and enter NE portal, get thrown back and disoriented. Try again to enter NE portal, get thrown back and disoriented. Try and enter SE portal, get thrown back and disoriented. Try and enter NE portal, and you are teleported to a new location in the lower level of the Tower of Zkal. Many thanks for your help!
  3. Do you and the walkthrough mean the NE portal in the lower level room (where the 5 portals are)? If so, it isn't working. Or do you mean on the ground floor level?
  4. I have reached a room with five teleporters. The central one takes me back to the stairs where I entered the lower level of the Tower of Zkal. The other four all throw me back (I stay in the same room) and make me feel disoriented, no matter how many times I try and enter them. How do I progress?
  5. Two questions regarding the Troglo and Giant Quests:- Troglo Quest So I got the message from Mayor Knight to parlay with the Troglo King. When I was in the throne room, I felt like going walkabout, and the troglos didn't like this and attacked me. So, there is a dead king and I am told peace with the troglos is unlikely. Found the evil priest and slayed that troglo too. Return to Sharimik, but Mayor Knight keeps asking me for proof for talking to the King. Obviously, I can't provide proof. I return to Troglo Castle in hope that King may have someh
  6. Thank you for Avadon 3, it's been great fun. I tried to get the new version from here by re-downloading the demo. I installed it and used my old files. I am near the end. The files open up fine. I am in Fort Foresight. But when I try to travel to another area, it says Demo Only. How do I get it to recognise I have bought it?
  7. Thanks for this list, it has helped me gain a few missing L3 spells. The only one I haven't found is 'Daze', which is listed as being in the 'Foul cavern'. I just don't see a foul cavern on my map. Can someone point me to where I must go?
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