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  1. Originally Posted By: Llothis Basically I played demos of exile 1/2 when I was a kid, and highly enjoyed them. So I see what seems to be a remake of it on steam but from the trailer it looks much different.(only 4 characters to start.) I see that the plot is the same but how similar is the gameplay and leveling system? The gameplay and leveling have changed a lot. While the core of it remains the same, lots of things change the formula. I'd recommend giving the demo a whirl before deciding on a purchase. Many of the differences will be welcome but some may be headache inducing if you're not familiar with Jeff's more recent work.
  2. There are two things I've been wondering about. First, do buffs that boost damage (essence blade, war blessing) affect spell damage or do they just help you stab things repeatedly? Second, I've noticed, sometimes posthumously, that the AP bonus from the Assassin's Boots only kick in part of the time. Is there something that causes them to kick in or slack off?
  3. Steel Angel

    Geneforge 5 - March Update

    First off, yay! Second, I'm hoping that the buff overhaul will include not making most of the things expire so quickly. I hated having to spend my time in a zone constantly in combat mode to prevent bless, shield, and haste from fading. It was less of a pain than to constantly recast the things, but still a pain. Something like having each buff take up a chunk of spell energy the same way creations lock down essence or limiting how many buffs you could cast on a target based on intelligence or some other stat while making them last for the whole zone would have been much nicer. The game play should be about which buffs you choose to use, not whether you refreshed your buff for the 5th time before combat starts again.
  4. Steel Angel

    Of data storage and the like

    Quote: Originally written by Dikiyoba: If we're talking Windows, then the saved games and registration settings are located in My Documents instead of with the rest of the files, I think to make it run better on Vista. Well, that would explain why the "saved game" folders don't hold any data. Guess I'll just try another class when I decide to start over again.
  5. Steel Angel

    Of data storage and the like

    Did something big change between G3 and G4 in how the programs store data? I ask because not too long ago, my primary hard drive containing my OS failed and required replacement while the drive containing all my games was fine. Earlier when I loaded up G4, I found that my copy was no longer registered AND my saved games appear to be missing as well. All of the directories in the relevant subfolders just have a file called "temp" in them. G3 (earlier Geneforges are on another machine) is still intact in terms of registration and saved games.
  6. Steel Angel

    Percieved Sympothies

    I can sympathize with the Trakovites, but that's about it. There might be revelations later in the game that prove me wrong, but I doubt you can put the genie back in the bottle. All it took was one apprentice coming across Sucia Island to undo the attempt to bury the Geneforge and the canisters after all. Having a philosophy that can easily be undone by a young lad or lass wandering the ruins of the world searching for that next point of experience seems like a poor way to try to remake society. I've traditionally sided with the Shapers in G1-3 (including the unaligned rather than Loyalist approach in G2) albeit with Khyrkk like viewpoints (ie, don't screw up the world but don't be a jerk either) but in G4 it's been harder to really choose a side. Perhaps it's because many of the early chances to help the Shapers don't really give you a motivation as to why you would betray the Rebellion outside of bettering your standing with the Shapers. Usually when I have so far, it's because the Shapers ask me to help someone who the Rebels want to just kill or it's a servile that likes the Shapers and wants to return to them. I'll see how things stand further on in the game, but given the lack of real sympathy for either side up to the Fens, the "I intend to find out who has the most treasure, kill them, take it, and repeat the process," approach seems to be the most appealing. If everyone's crazy, I might as well just stab them until loot comes out.
  7. Steel Angel

    Attack of the Golem

    Quote: Originally written by Nioca: Is there anyway to actually kill it, though? I seem to recall it poofing upon Shaftoe's death and the guardian was squishier than the golem. However, in my case Shaftoe was almost dead by the time he summoned the golem so he might have had other tricks I didn't see. A servile plus two cannon fodder drakes can be quite nasty.
  8. Steel Angel

    Creation stat question

    Guess it's time to pump . . . the artila up then. Thanks for the info.
  9. Steel Angel

    Creation stat question

    So, does strength still govern damage and hit rate of both melee and ranged attacks for creations like in previous games or has that been finally altered?
  10. Steel Angel

    Wow (G4)

    Quote: Originally written by Retlaw May: Killing children is a taboo in RPG's as everyone says. Though I don't get why it is so horrible compared to me running rampant through Mertis in the end of Avernum 1 and killing everything including the pregnant lady since all attack you for some reason instead of running away when you are killing people by the dozens in each turn with no effort. There are also games like Neverwinter Nights which has children, but attacking them deals no damage. One reason it's so horrible because there are laws against it in some countries. The Fallout 2 example came about because some countries (Germany comes to mine) have laws that specifically prohibit violence against children in their media. So if you're a commercial RPG maker that wants to translate the game into German to sell copies there, it's easier to just not have any children in the first place than to make localization teams strip out or replace children with other characters and have everything still work (Fallout 2's removal of children led to some bugs and wackiness) if the player has the ability to go on murderous rampages.
  11. Steel Angel

    Helping Litalia?

    Quote: Originally written by Elijah: Through Learned Darian. I still don't get why Darian can hang around in a cave infested by powerful rogue creations, and not get killed. My Agent killed her in one hit. Learned Darian is old and decrepit by now and as we know, old people smell like unpleasant hospital corridors. My theory is that the rogues either just don't want to eat that or are afraid since Darian's scent reminds them of the vet's office.
  12. Steel Angel

    Creation strength and dexterity

    Okay, I know from reading various posts the the attack strength of creations is solely boosted by strength, whether it's a ranged or melee attack. What I'm not clear about is whether accuracy plays by the same rules or if dexterity comes into play here.
  13. Steel Angel

    Guardians need help

    Quote: The only situation in which the gaurdian rules the roost is the boss battle in which you can't escape, as this makes the agent's low health hazardous and its hit and run tactics useless, and the shaper's pets start dropping like flies. This situation doesn't occur much.[/QB] That no longer poses a danger to Agents. Augmentation, Essence Armor, Steelskin, and Protection take the sting out of an Agent's typically low health. At the end of GF3, my no canister (melee) Agent had around 400 hp fully buffed and could have had more but I ditched some items like the Symbiotic Cloak and Gloves of the Rock for more offensively oriented items since I just didn't need the Endurance. The real danger to them is enemies with slowing effects IMO. As others have mentioned, there seems to be no way to resist slowing effects and having your haste spell reduced to nothing stings when you have no creation back up. Even then, I think it's more of an annoyance than a danger as long as you don't just sit there on turns you can't fight.
  14. Steel Angel

    Why I did not like Geneforge 3

    Quote: Originally written by Spidweb: I think that the dialogue option choices worked reasonably well, but I have removed them entirely from Geneforge 4. Now everything faction-wise is determined by what quests you decide to complete or how you complete them. It worked for KOTOR, it can work here with good implementation. With the dialogue options, there was also the option of not saying anything at all and ending the conversation, which I did quite a bit. It was a little annoying, but it did serve my purposes when I wasn't in the mood to polarize people.
  15. Steel Angel

    Obeyer Ending

    Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: [QB]Either way the Awakened do well Spoilers . . . . / / / / / / / / Unless you personally pay a "visit" to their leaders . . . then the ones you kill are considered lucky during the war.