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  1. I was dumb to try to look directly for the day in the save file, obviously. As unixtroglodyte already mentioned, there are several addresses that store things related to steps and time. It was the first time I used Cheat Engine, but here’s what I have found (using version 1.0.3 of the game downloaded from Humble Bundle) : Addresses and descriptions (I believe the addresses could change depending on the OS or other things, for me, they haven’t changed so far when I close the game and run it again ?) [1] 00F180BC : step counter, increases by 1 for each move, wait and beginning of fight round. However, it seems that (approximately ?) every 250 steps, it increases by 7 instead of one. For example, if [1] == 249 and you move one step, then [1] = 256 (but [2] = 250, see below). But later on, it doesn’t seem so regular. [2] 00F1A190 : another step/wait/round counter, but unlike [1], it always increases by 1 and furthermore, it is reset every 10'000 steps. [3] 00F1A194 : This is the actual time counter that also depends on which kind of steps have been made. I haven’t checked every possible action (I’m still at the beginning of the game), but it increases by 1 for each step indoors, by 10 for each step outdoors, by 16 when exiting a city. It is also incremented by 1 at the start of every round in combat. Talking to people does not take time. A new day starts when this counter has increased by 5000. So, day N starts at 5000 * (N - 1). [4] 00C8296C : it seems that as soon as you enter an indoor area, the value of [3] is copied at this address, and its value is always 1 behind that of [3]. However, the value of [4] stops changing as soon as you exit the city or dungeon. --- I currently have no idea what could be the purpose of [2]. Does anyone have an idea? [1], [2] and [3] are stored in the "data" file of a save ; [4] isn’t and therefore doesn’t immediately change when loading another save, it’s only a temporary variable I guess. In the "data" file, [1] is at 0x24DC ; [2] and [3] are stored next to each other at offsets 0x45B0 and 0x45B4. My testing has been limited so far, but those seem to be fixed positions that do not change between saves. The “calmthetower” code does not change these variables, so the counter for The Tower of Magi must be somewhere else and I have not yet looked into it. --- Limited testing again, but when you change the counter to go back to a previous day, it will change back the state of the cities too, at least it did for Krizsan ; however, because Jeff told in the above-linked post that adding a day cheat would have been a hassle since he’d have to figure out a way to unkill characters that were killed, this should only be a partial change to a previous state ; that’s why I think it’s best to stay in the same phase.
  2. One undocumented code I’ve found is location. It displays your coordinates in the text area.
  3. I’ve just found this reply by Jeff himself : https://steamcommunity.com/app/691830/discussions/0/1699415798753360186/#c1699415798756622167 So, no such code exists It would have been included in the hint book, surely
  4. Did anyone figure out how to change the day by editing a save file ? I was hoping that this could work, provided that by doing so we don’t change “phases”, as they are called in the thread “Avernum 3 - Effects of Passage of Time/Days (Complete Town List)”. I made two saves, the first one is on the last step (I’m outdoors) of day 5, and the second one is exactly one step ahead on the same location, on the first step of day 6. I then tried comparing the two saves with an hex-editing program, and there are not many differences, but I wasn’t able to find where the day could be stored. (I noticed that if there are more steps between the saves, the two files become a lot lot more different even if you don’t move.) I also had a look at the header and it has many changes even with a single step… I don’t know what the header is for, except that at its beginning you can read the save name and location where you saved, but I thought that it might contain a checksum, which could explain why it changes so much. Otherwise, I will try the Cheat Engine thing, but I was worried that it wouldn’t be safe with Steam. I think I’ll install the DRM-free version of Avernum 3 instead
  5. Zkal

    Capture Soul Mechanics

    Thanks for this thread, it’s very useful ! Good question. I’m not at the endgame yet, but so far I haven’t seen Divine Shades either. I’ll report back when I complete my game. On the other hand, it’s very easy to modify the Divine Host spell so that it summons Divine Shades. That’s what I did because a Vengeful Shade for 50 MP feels so underwhelming ! Of course, doing so means that enemies using the spell, like Dark Cultists, will also summon Divine Shades. For the fun, I also tried modifying one of my saves to put an Ur-Basilisk into a slot, and as far as I can tell, it works fine. Even though you can’t normally capture one, the game doesn’t crash and once summoned, the basilisk will attack foes and use its abilities as you would expect
  6. Is it considered a bug that Move Mountains and Sanctification Ritual don’t take Magical Efficiency into account when cast outside combat mode ? If not, this doesn’t seem very consistent with Dispel Barrier, which sees its cost reduced by Magical Efficiency, and since both spells were added in A2, this looks like an oversight, even though it works during a fight. Unfortunately, this seems to be hard-coded
  7. Thanks ! A piercing crystal must indeed be the only solution, as you can’t have Dispel Barrier at that time. I used the reset boat cheat and it doesn’t seem to have broken anything
  8. Hi I have just visited Pyrn’s tower with the teleportation portal and realised that I couldn’t loot the bodies between the barriers. Is it possible to travel down the Vahnatai rivers again without using the cheat to reset the boats ?
  9. Zkal

    Magic Items

    Super late to the party (I’m only playing the game for the first time now), but I’ve just noticed that the Sniper’s Belt was supposed to also give +2 to Bows, but due to a copy-paste oversight in its definition, it didn’t : it_stats_to_affect 0 = 6; it_stats_addition 0 = 2; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 7; // should be 1 instead of 0 it_stats_addition 0 = 2; // should be 1 instead of 0
  10. Hi ! Sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn’t find an answer. I would like to know which spells and attacks count as curses in these games (currently playing A2, but I assume it’s the same for the other games in the series ?) ? What does Curse Resistance protect against ? Thank you
  11. Hi, In the Bat Cave in Avernum 1, there is a corpse on an isolated square on the other side of the lava, right at the spot where the lava begins. I cannot figure out how to get to it. How do you go there ? Here is a screenshot (I tried to insert the image directly here, but couldn’t make it work) : https://imgur.com/a/mxgZV Thanks
  12. Oh thank you so much ! I had not noticed the slots under the character portraits. Yes, I was trying to drag them to the buttons in the bottom right corner of the main window, the same mistake as EarthAngel, I realise now.
  13. Hi, I'm really sorry to necro this thread, but I've just started playing A:EftP (Windows, Steam version — v1.0.1S), and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to assign an item to a Quick Use slot. I tried everything I could think of : left- and right-clicking, Ctrl, Alt, Shift… just selecting an item from the Inventory screen and trying to drop it into a slot, as the game instructions seem to tell. Nothing works. Please help
  14. Zkal

    Avadon 2 CPU use

    Hi, I have regularly seen complaints about Spiderweb Software's games CPU usage. Here are some of them : https://itunes.apple...489706663?mt=12 http://spiderwebforu.../page__hl__fans http://spiderwebforu..._fans#entry1070 http://spiderwebforu...ans#entry192906 By (bad) design, these games will use 100% of one CPU core no matter how fast your processor is. This is simply the way they were programmed. In my opinion it's a serious problem. I had written a long e-mail about it that I wanted to send to Jeff, but I never completed it. It is still in my drafts.
  15. Zkal

    Spiderweb and Freedom

    Hi, I agree with Duck about Steam (which I nevertheless use, but I'm restricting myself), and I'll continue to purchase directly from Spiderweb too. Having an open-source engine and selling the data is an interesting idea. I hadn't thought of this possibility. Of course there is the problem of the registration part, as Alorael noted. But for the very old games, since it's of them that we are talking, is this really a problem ? Is Spiderweb still selling many copies of Exile I-III ? And they are only $10 now. I think the most important point is that these games don't work well on recent operating systems, so that people are even less likely to pay for them. People who want to pirate the games are and always will be able to do so. I am looking forward to playing Avernum : Escape from the Pit, but Exile I was the game that made me discover Spiderwebsoftware many years ago (even though I only played the demo at that time, and later registered Avernum), and it's a shame that it is becoming unusable. Furthermore, Exile I had elements that were dropped in the Avernum rewrite, and I like the atmosphere of the first game. I would love rewriting Exile I in a "modern" language and make it multi-platform... this would be an interesting project to practice programming for me. Maybe in Scala, which I am fortunate enough to be taught by Martin Odersky himself.