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  1. Granted, people are now forever more forced to speak in binary, a bit at a time. All previous bits of writing are converted into raw binary code as well. I wish the average human lifespan was twice as long.
  2. Granted, humans are now incapable of acting with any sort of intent, having all been turned into video games characters, with no more ability to be malicious than a windup toy. I wish sea monkeys looked and acted like their dishonest promotional material.
  3. When I logged into steam this morning it told me I had a new item in my inventory. Turned out to be a 20% discount for Avernum 3. Anyone want it? I've tried Avernum 5 and 6, and I just don't get on with the series. Also, I hope this doesn't mean sales are turning out to be disappointing for Jeff. Discounts this early in a game's life generally aren't a good sign.
  4. I'd encourage you to get to HR when you can. While the first was janky but so much greater than the sum of its parts, HR is pretty polished and pretty much the sum of its parts. Which is fine, as its parts tend to be pretty high quality.
  5. As practically anyone with an internet connection probably knows, the latest Deus Ex game is coming out. I've pre-loaded it onto my hard drive, and I'm quite eager for it. It got me to thinking whether any sizable number of people in this community like the franchise as well. Its an RPG series, but always a shooter-RPG series, and shooters don't get discussed much here. Short version of my thoughts: Played the first one back when there was only it and Invisible War, loved it, loved it, loved it. One of those games I'll remember forever and what not. Barely got past the tutorial level in I
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