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  1. I have the "Walking Dead" quest listed in my quest journal, yet when I go to the cave that matches where this quest is marked on the map, I can't get into the cave. There are 3 caves where I am. The Crypt of Drath is the right-most, then to the left is a second cave (I also cant enter). I am to the left of that cave, at a 3rd cave... Thanks for any help.
  2. The trapdoor leads to the crystal thingy, and a dead end w/water...i'll keep looking. Must me missing something.
  3. I'm sure this is a simple question. How does one remove the magical barrier under the city to start killing the rats (one of the quests)?? I can't figure it out.
  4. I really liked Avadon, and am considering buying another Spiderweb game. I want turn-based play, and graphics at least as good as Avadon. It's for a PC....just wondering what people would suggest! THanks
  5. Got Moritz-Kri! Hmm, I helped the scouts get out the first time, so I don't know. Anyway, I'm not so stuck anymore. Thanks!
  6. Ok, I'll try again for Hunt the Wizard, but last time I was in the tower, it seemed like so much was blocked off for me. --- In the meantime I've gotten another "Find the Scouts" quest. According to the dialogue, this has happened "once again," according to my journal entry.l When I go to JD, though, I find no scouts. Thanks again for thr help.
  7. Ok, so at level 22 I should be able to survive the fight with Zephyrine? not really kill him?
  8. Thanks for any help. I'm really stuck, but have been running all over the place trying to figure these quests out: Hunting the Wizard - Can't finish this until I get the 2nd quest to Castle V. Recover Herenus - Can't find him, or any other wizard in Brasula History Scrolls - I have a number of these, but Eye Leira doesn't seem too interested. Jenelle's Message - Brought her back to Avadon, talked to her. What else do I need to do? Blue Ore - Can't get to the blue ore in the southeast corner of Ogre's lair because gates block me Zephyrine's Intentions - only level 22 Ry
  9. Can you tell me what "the second quest to Castle Vebeaux" is?? I'm stumped again...thanks anyone.
  10. Thanks for the response! Well..ok...I've got a ton of quests and am slowly figuring them out, but it's not so easy sometimes! Thanks!
  11. I caught Orion doing something suspicious, reported it. Then I went back to his southwest camp and trickered some message. Now, as it says in the FAQ, I am waiting for him north of his northwest camp..in order to follow him to the east camp. How long do I have to wait?? It seems like he just never appears. ANyone have any idea? Thanks.
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