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  1. Knight Volant

    How do people feel about Jeff using Icons in his RPGs?

    Almost three months later and I'm still curious. —Alorael, who can confidently inform you that there has been no major policy shift. Also if you read Jeff Vogel's blog he praises (and criticizes) other games regularly, which isn't quite the same as the forums but does show that he's not trying to pretend there aren't other good games out there.
  2. Knight Volant

    What have you been eating recently?

    The millennial meme put me on a belated avocado toast bender. You know what? Avocados are pretty cheap, bread is pretty cheap, and the results are delicious. —Alorael, who started out doing fancy things like rubbing garlic on the toasted bread and garnishing with various spices. Now it's avocado mashed with a fork, bread turned crunchy in an oven, and chow time.
  3. As someone related to Vogels who pronounce their name in a way that looks phonetic to Americans and that Germans might spell Wogel, I support this message. —Alorael, who has settled the /'a-vər-nəm/ or /ə-ˈvər-nəm/ by renaming the lake to have the first syllable stressed.
  4. Knight Volant

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    While this isn't usually how novels are paid for, pay by the word remains standard for short stories to today. The counterbalance is that if your use of words isn't actually good you don't sell your story at all, and the pay per word is low enough that rather than finding places to sneak in more adjectives you're much better off finishing the story and writing another one. —Alorael, who tried to get paid by the word he didn't submit. His literary protection racket received a cease and desist letter, which ironically probably cost a lot more per word.
  5. Knight Volant

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Pyramids (with eyes on) Pyramids (Discworld novel) Pyramids (medullary) —Alorael, who describes himself as [redacted], pro, and extra on the subjects, respectively.
  6. Knight Volant

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Deontology Consequentialism Virtue Ethics Ethical Intuitionism Deconstructivism Ennui —Alorael, who supposes this entire thread is something of an exercise in utilitarianism.
  7. Knight Volant

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Posting games Metahumor —Alorael, who implores you to rank this very signature as well.
  8. Knight Volant

    BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    A reference to Most Writers Are Human, I assume. —Alorael, who doubts all extant BoE scenarios are provably not created by neural networks. There are some especially interesting efforts out there.
  9. Knight Volant

    The Predator in Avernum?!

    You won't find any more in Avernum 1, but Avernum 2 is significantly about them and from then on they're series regulars. —Alorael, who is almost certain that the reference there didn't exist way back in Exile 1, as the idea of the vahnatai and sequels wasn't there yet.
  10. Knight Volant

    A3: Do non-humans suck in this?

    Unless there has been a significant change from A2, and I haven't paid much attention, you're right. Humans advance much better than non-humans. —Alorael, who considers this only fair after the all-nephil parties of previous (but higher-numbered) Avernums.
  11. You won't miss out on much. —Alorael, who is sure there's a way to cheat your way to evidence. He just has no idea what that way is.
  12. Knight Volant

    How do people feel about Jeff using Icons in his RPGs?

    2D, yes, but those are side scrollers. There are actually a fair number of modern, pretty side-scrolling games, but I can't think of any top-down examples. —Alorael, who wouldn't be surprised if there were good strategy examples of top-down. But that's a very different genre and probably more tolerant of graphics that are iconic rather than representational.
  13. Knight Volant

    What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    I appreciate that Jeff can see the problem in shaping incentivizing rushing to the end-game creation types as fast as possible and then leveling them up. The easy solution is to just not have creations gain experience and have their stats solely depend on the shaper's stats, but we will eventually see! —Alorael, who thinks Jeff couldn't have been any clearer about not doing any more Blades work, ever, at all. Which doesn't mean he won't ever; he said the same about Avernum 4 once upon a time. But it's not anywhere on the radar now even with the other classic Avernums updated.
  14. Knight Volant

    Difference Between Avenum, Avadon, and Geneforge

    The game mechanics are recognizably from the mind of the same designer, who has certain formulas he overall likes and styles of abilities. Even particular stats often recur, though with some variation in what, exactly, they do mechanically. The games themselves play somewhat differently because of the central differences in what your party is (several classless PCs, one PC with entourage, or several classed PCs). —Alorael, who still says overall, holistically, the games are more similar than they are different. By memory, picking up Geneforge after having played Avernum 1-3, or Avadon after having played Avernum and Geneforge, seemed much easier than picking up an entirely new game with unfamiliar style.
  15. Knight Volant

    What have you been eating recently?

    Poached pears. Surprisingly easy, surprisingly delicious. —Alorael, who has to admit it's not a big enough improvement over ripe pears that he'd particularly do it for himself. But as a dessert to serve company or bring somewhere, it's a nice option.