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  1. Wait, so there's no way to alter the drakon attack without also altering the drayk attack? Is it possible to give the drayk a scaled up fyora attack?
  2. I've been able to make it mostly work. the resting graphic looks just a little weird because it shifts just slightly, but its close enough that I'm satisfied. The other thing I wasn't really able to fix was that when I resized all the graphics paint created a little bit of a distortion around the edges of the sprite and I don't really have the patience to clean it up, so they look like they're surrounded with a 1 pixel white aura. Can someone point me to the directory of the spell/character definitions or are they encrypted? If so is there an editor anyone would suggest?
  3. So I'm looking through the art assets, and the resting animation for the drakon (G1850 in graphics A) is 6 frames long in G5, but only 4 frames long in G4. Short of copying and pasting the first and last frames to make the G4 asset 6 frames long does anyone have any idea how to make it compatible with G5?
  4. Honestly, I would be okay with that.
  5. Fyoras look 9000% better with stripes. No one can tell me otherwise.

  6. Is this project dead? If not I'd really love to help. I barely know anything about coding but I'd be happy to beta test or something. I still think there's interest in a BoG game -- I for one really like the idea of it chronologically taking place sometime around G3 where you're a journeyman shaper doing various assignments for the council and in each scenario you can make decisions based on your own morality (or lack thereof), maybe with some sort of variable to track your alignment from scenario to scenario? The idea of being able to do multiple scenarios with the same character really appeals to me. I always get to the end of a geneforge game and go "but wait, I want to keep playing!"
  7. Could you make a mod to replace G5 the drakon/ur-drakon with the model and abilities of the G2/G3 drakon and ur-drakon? Because IDK what Jeff was smoking when he nerfed them and replaced the model with what looks like a McDonalds toy that survived a factory fire.
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