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  1. That's a shame. Mostly just because of missing knowledge more than a gripe about the system itself.
  2. I killed the unicorn before the quest and it worked fine. It's up the ramp, and it goes into your inventory as a 'special item'
  3. Not sure where to report bugs, but in any case, there's an abuse in the game. It works the same as using Improved Dexterity/Endurance/etc to reduce your stats, but after you reduce it to 1, you can keep hitting the "-" button for an infinite number of attribute points. If you wanted to make your party stupid overpowered.
  4. I believe you listed the "Mushroom Patch - healing herb (2)" twice under the Southwest Caves and Western Upper Avernum. You can also get a Spellshard in New Cotra by talking to Nance and saying you visited the surface, and then spending an hour telling her about it. Jeff's confirmed on Steam forums, I think, that there will be no cheat to alter the time
  5. I quickly experimented. It's as you say--it seems to pass by # of turns or steps. However, I think traveling on the overworld uses up much more time than towns. Currently, I can exit on the overworld and run around to trigger a new day in a few steps, whereas I can explore a whole town before that happens. Also, are these the confirmed full list? For example, Krizsan and Shayder had effects too in the originals. I wonder whether I'm on track or not before the first wreckage, since I'm on about day 4 and just hit Ghikra Going to heal between dungeons is really costly on time
  6. Are any of the attributes different? Poison is one-shotting me on torment with no endurance, but it may have always been like that.
  7. How does time actually pass? Is it # of turns/steps taken, or an actual ingame clock?
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