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  1. Tacowarrior

    Geenforge 5: Greta

    I'm pretty sure Greta worked with Astoria during one of the endings.
  2. Tacowarrior

    Geneforge 4 Drakon Canister?

    There should be a Drakon canister in Gesselin Freehold.
  3. Tacowarrior

    Geneforge 5 flickering black boxes

    Screenshots would help us narrow it down.
  4. Tacowarrior

    Help me make a decision.

    Can't say that's ever been a problem using missiles for me. One can just save their gems for sticky situations, or use throwaway creations.
  5. Tacowarrior

    Help me make a decision.

    Missile Guardian and Magic heavy Servile are the only classes I have left. I guess I can wait on the Guardian till the mod is finished though.
  6. Tacowarrior

    Help me make a decision.

    I mean, I've only got two classes left in G5 that I haven't beaten the game with. G4, I've used each class to complete the game. Guess I'll go with the G5 Guardian then.
  7. Tacowarrior

    Help me make a decision.

    I'm wanting to do another playthrough of G4/G5, but I can't decided which one, or which class to pick. Anyone wanna help me decide? Or should I just pick back up on the G2 playthrough that I keep being lazy about?
  8. Tacowarrior

    Cannon endings

    I can actually buy this.
  9. Tacowarrior

    Taco's journey of epic casualness.

    I'll likely upload screenshots at particular points I find interesting, or when I make a significant upgrade to my character. Otherwise, it might remain text, just for ease of maintenance.
  10. I decided to go ahead and make this post, so I wouldn't wuss out of actually doing this. Hi guys, I'm the Taco. The whole Taco. And nothing but the Taco, so help me Taco. I'll be using this thread to keep track of my most recent playthrough of Geneforge, and to keep notes on any Lore points/interesting or fun encounters I have. I'll also do my own unique, strange ways of doing certain parts of the game. My goal is to clear at least one area of the game each day, if time and real life allow. I might clear more if an area is particularly fast, or if I'm just feeling like I don't need any sleep that night. ALRIGHT! Let's get started! So I fired the game up, and set the difficulty to "Normal". Sorry guys, no Tricky or Torment here. I haven't played the game in several years, don't wanna get ahead of myself. LET'S CREATE A CHARACTER! I decided to go with the Guardian, since it's the best prospective to receive the name "Tacowarrior", the best name in existence. I'll dump my skill points in to upping my Leadership to six, Mechanics to four, and tossing one point in Endurance. With the route I'm planning on taking at first, the extra hitpoints and swift talking should come in handy. That's it for now! If I have any energy left after doing menial house chores, I'll clear out the tutorial areas, and post my thoughts.
  11. You could get locked out of earning certain things from the Tombs if your skills were too high, iirc. But since Spell and Creation trainers weren't in the original Geneforge, I can't really think of anything else you couldn't get ._.
  12. Hi! How's everyone? I'm a long time forum reader and Geneforge player, posting for the first time. Obviously. You knew that. I already told you that. ANYWAYS! A friend of mine recently purchased the Geneforge saga off Steam, and has sparked my interest in the games again. I haven't played the games in nearly two years, and I'm going to play through each, casually, in order. Would anyone happen to mind/be interested in my posting my progress here, or should I just keep all of that to myself? Have a wonderful day, Taco.