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  1. Hiding rooms in towns

    I agree for general hidden stuff but I think this is a really good idea for hidden areas that you intend the player to find out about from somewhere else before obtaining, and simply using flags to make a wall turn into secret passage only once you've learned about it is going to drive the casual explorer crazy because they've true-sighted a opening between the walls and cant figure out how to get in, and will likely assume you forgot to add an entrance. In regards to teleportation to another section of the map being awkward on the mini-map: yes, it is. However, I think by this year the only people who will ever be playing your map know Exile quite well and will have a pretty good understanding that this is just how you saw fit to hide something. Edit: Grammar mistake
  2. Hiding rooms in towns

    using your example of hiding something in-between two buildings without it being obvious there is a slab of terrain unaccounted for, I would just design the terrain flush and make it so if you find the secret passage there is a special in the wall that moves to another "duplicate" area of the town, this one with the extra space in-between for your secret area, and hide this duplicate area behind some trees in the corner of the town or something. If you don't want it to be awkward on the map, you can go the extra mile to create an entire duplicate town, one with and one without the secret, and have a special teleport you between them.
  3. Exile Remaster

    Yea I used the updated version for a bit. Really solid work getting everything put together but it is definitely unstable. Maybe one day we'll have a compatible remake of the game that is actually user-friendly instead of keeping you guessing about absolutely everything like the original? lol
  4. Exile Remaster

    Is there a way to check a party's level in something besides mage/item lore during a special encounter? I am just seeing item and mage lore as options to compare values to.
  5. Exile Remaster

    So am I correctly understanding that you magnificent fellows are working on re-configuring BoE to run properly on newer machine and thus not require a VM to run? If so, are you also doing the scenario editor? And will scenarios created on the old version be able to be converted to the new format (mostly intact) or will it be a clean slate style thing?
  6. Hello! Does anyone happen to have deciphered the code behind the traits listed in my title? From the text of toughness, I assume it is just gives your character +Armor. Does it do anything else? Does Exceptional Strength apply to only weapon hits, or all damage? The text on the trait says "and deal more damage in combat" which makes me wonder if it works on spells and archery as well. Does anyone know if it does? Also the Nephil passive says they do more damage with missile weapons. Does this include bows? Silly question, but you never know with Exile. Few things seem to make sense in Exile
  7. Hello! Earlier I installed Avernum 2 Crystal Souls from the avernum trilogy CD I bought ages ago to play good old Avernum again, and I am having an issue with my game crashing. After I create my party, the backstory sequence that occurs afterwards crashes me on the second page of lore. Specifically the second one. I do not click before it says to do so, though have tried doing as much, and the very first page works fine. On the second page, when I click to advance the game freezes and I get the message "this program isn't responding, close or wait for it to respond" and the program never eventually responds. What should I do? It may be because the version on the CDs are severely old, so how can I get an updated game version? Thanks. Edit: I have fixed this issue. If you ever see this problem asked about again, tell them to run the program in compatibility mode for their current OS.