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    A3:RW - Torment Advice

    Just want to add on how scaling on blessing works. From looking at the game files there is a percent per level modifier that usually has a value of 5. I believe this work like damage scaling in that it adds a new 5 sided die for each level. I tested this to the extreme by making a buff last 1 turn and having it improve by 50% per level. A PC with 13 int and 7 mage spells could buff from anywhere between 2 turns and 11 turns. so each point of mage spells and int was rolling a 50 sided die to determine the percentage boost the buff would get. If I had to guess blessing focus just adds another die, hence why it causes the variety. As for Spellcraft I have no idea. If you follow the description it says it add's a flat %2 bonus, which I honestly believe to be the case. the % bonus from leveling the spell seems to be constant as well. Also while I have your attention. does anyone know off-hand if spellcraft boosts healing?
  2. Introducing the first gameplay mod for Avernum 2: Crystal souls! (at least that I've found) This mod is largely based on the work of Slartibus and Akhari Blaze moding Avernum:EftP; but also adding many of my own contributions. Click here to download Version 0.1 Click here to download Version 0.2 Click here to download Version 0.3 (changes detailed in latter post) To install this mod: Simply copy the contents of the zip file into your game directory at "\Avernum 2 Crystal Souls\Avernum 2 Files\Scripts". - If you can't find the game directory right click the games icon and select "view file location". - Or on steam, right click the game in library, select properties, go to local files tab and click the "browse local files button). The goal of this mod is to add a tiny bit of realism to combat, while improving gameplay and build depth. It adds new mechanics, and new potential builds, while nerfing the most dominant builds from the base game. Here are the detailed changes for the current version: >>>)) Armour ((<<< >>>)) Weapons ((<<< >>>)) Weapon Disciplines ((<<< >>>)) Spells ((<<< >>>)) Misc ((<<< Phew, that was quite a bit to go over. I hope people enjoy this. I will make a few updates to this when I finish my playthrough, and when I feel it's done I'll get started on a RW mod. Actually before that, I think this mod adds enough original stuff to warrant being ported to EftP, let me know if anyone wants that. Have fun! - Giant Friendly Talking Spiderman
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    Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - GIANT MOD! (beta version 0.3 released)

    VERSION 0.3 RELEASE! *The Opening post is still bugged out so I posted the download link here... To install version 0.2 just do everything you did to install the previous version, Your save existing files should still work, though there could be minor inventory issues. (like a hammer equipped as a ring :P) >>>)) Fixes ((<<< Fixed an oversite causing Slith Flingers to know Purge instead of Blinding Throw Fixed an oversite causing Warrior Monks to know Sword Dance instead of Stunning Blow Fixed an oversite causing Shamblers to know Mass cure instead of Thornshield. Fixed an issue that caused Flawless Shot to do much more damage than intended at later levels. Fixed an isse that caused Divine Retribution to do 0 physical damage. (I personally don't understand why it was decided that this skill should do physical damage, I'm considering changing it back to energy, Int-priest builds aren't exactly OP). Hatchet was importing the wrong value, it no longer incorrectly gives -10% parry. Fixed a mistake that caused Quarterstaff weapons to not work at lower levels of pole weapons and deal too much damage at other levels. Fixed an issue that caused Frozen Mageblade to give Acid resistance instead of it's intended +5 accuracy. Fixed an error that prevented Spine Shield from improving with spell level. Fixed a typo that caused Radiant Shortblade to provide + 0% energy protection. Fixed multiple errors with First Expedition Bow. It now provides the correct stats. >>>)) Changes ((<<< - slightly adjusted the weight of some weapons. - to contrast most high level armours being changed from giving evasion to giving parry; a few enchanted items that boosted parry have been changed to boost evasion instead. - Daggers were proving a bit more effective than I expected. I also didn't realize how easily obtained the legendary daggers were in CS. So I'm increasing their parry penalty to ensure that they are used for dual wielding. (Besides have you ever tried parrying with a dagger? it's not great) - increased the item level of common hammers by 1(4->5); I originally pictured them as the "crude" class of the weapon, but that title actually goes to sticks. Standard hammers should compare to "bronze" gear, and battle hammers should compare to "iron or steel" gear. - Blessed Boots weighed too much to be useful so I lowered the weight(14->10). The name does not imply that they are heavy metal leg wear anyway. - Scroll - Stoneshatter is now 15x more powerful in combat. - Scroll - Sanctification is now 2x more powerful of a heal. - a number of Weapon Disciplines have had their base damage reduced at early levels (well aimed blow was doing a lot of damage for a level 2 PC). - Leg sweep now has longer immobility duration. - Adrenalin rush is pretty strong. So strong that it kind of was always a better option than any of the ranged battle disciplines. Not to mention insane on an archer-spellcaster. So I increased the gymnastics requirement to the standard. No more low-level spell spamming! You can still use it the same without gymnastics; it now offers 16 Action Points at 5 Gymnastics (which is effectively the same if haste or snipe procs). If you want the guaranteed 2 extra actions you will need 10 points in Gymnastics. If this makes archer-caster builds non-viable let me know. I just think you should be using your archery skills as often as your spells. - reworked summons: Simulacrum is great and all, but I just enjoy playing the summon lottery too much to get rid of the other summons so I completely reworked summon spells! Sadly I can't get randomly summoned creatures to scale with your characters level, but I can make them scale with a skill. So this might be a bit confusing at first but improving summon spells no longer does anything, the spell will not change if you buy it multiple times. Instead the level of the creature summoned is dependent on a skill: Beast Summon is Cave Lore x1.5 + 5 (max 23), now costs 10 mana. Summon Aid(was minor summon) is Mage skill x1.5(max 28), now costs 20 mana. Arcane summon is going to be replaced with Quickfire or Kill in a later update, currently it's unchanged. Summon Shade is unchanged for now but will be looked at in a future update. Divine Echo will remain unchanged for now. The summon is more of a decoy than anything for fighting with. *Note that this does not include skill bonuses from items or traits. Furthermore more creatures such as demons can now be summoned. Also note that the level is the average level of creature summoned. From my testing the creatures level seems to vary within 10 levels lower or 5 levels higher than the average. Lastly the summoned creature will get a variety of buffs, the duration of the buffs is affected largely by your Int and Mage/Priest skill. - reworked Slow: Improving Slow used to increase it's duration by 5%... yeah not fantastic, so I gave it some other stuff, not buffs mind you. It's already a really strong spell. Slow at level 1 now also slows the user(only at level 1). Slow at level 2 is unchanged. Slow at level 3 adds 2 turns of War Curse. - reworked Icy Rain: Now makes the effected area cold, damaging both enemies and allies. *Damage from Frozen status seems to scale with the recipients level, usually amounts to around 16 damage after resistances. Reasoning: I felt it kinda sucked that the only cold spell was so weak, I literally only ever used it when a 3 or more close range enemies happened to be at 1 Heath. So I made it stronger at the cost of adding friendly fire. Speaking of... - reworked Circle of Madness: Now costs 10 less mana (40->30) Now causes charm for 1 turn instead of Daze. (if charmed for 1 turn an enemy will instantly recover when it tries to take it's actions, but will be attacked by allies until it does). Duration and chance of Stun reduced. Now requires 12 mage skill I feel like This is the best way to demonstrate just how rarely metal effects actually work on enemies. (maybe I should do more testing on normal difficulty to see if there is a difference... meh) - reworked Unshackle Mind: Since having 3 mental statuses is rare, level 3 now adds a 30% chance of giving the target Battle Frenzy(2 turns) instead. - reworked Domination: The cost to success rate of this spell is just painful. Increasing the level now increases the chance of the effect procing in addition to increasing it's duration(the charm duration increases if it procs multiple times). - reworked Move Mountains: At level 2 the spell now has a chance of Ensnaring enemies; at level 3 it has a chance of Daze. Both of these effects are far more likely to proc in the centre of the circle. - smoking pipes can now be equipped as helmets, they don't do anything but they make you look really cool. >>>)) New Stuff ((<<< - replaced Mighty Blow with new skill Reversal: Now flings the target backwards behind he user, instead of a normal knockback. First I wanted to replace mighty blow with something useful for ranged characters, but I didn't have any ideas. Then I had a great idea for an attack called leaping strike that allowed you to move closer to leap to a nearby enemy. Sadly it could only scale with dex so I scrapped it. Now we have this for now, it's nice for dealing with fleeing archers... I might go back to thinking up a new ranged discipline. Speaking of... - reworked ranged battle disciplines: * Flawless Shot(unchanged): 3 fatigue [at 1 Sharpshooter] causes ensnare [at 4] cleave & 25% crit chance [at 7] ensnare is now area of effect & more damage [at 10] daze and more damage * Heavy Javelin(was Flawless Throw): 3 fatigue [at 1 Sharpshooter] causes immobile [at 4] knockback(3 spaces) + more likely bonus damage boost [at 7] more damage [at 10] stun and more damage * Sharpshooter Spray(was Blinding Shot): 6 fatigue deals damage over a cone area, damage improves with sniper. * Enchanted Javelin(was Blinding Throw): 5 fatigue deals more damage and applies elemental effects, improving with sniper. still looking to do more with this one. Bows offer the most variety in standard shots, and often default to using adrenaline rush. Throwables aren't as great with adrenaline rush since it costs you way more ammo, so I redesigned the other disciplines with throwables in mind. Basically you want to use razordiscs to damage multiple targets and a javelin to hit single targets harder, the disciplines available to both reflect this. - replaced Howl of Terror with new spell Freeze: Requires 11 Mage skill, costs 10 mana Single target damage and CC, attempts to stun and immobilize a single target, while doing damage comparable to Icy Rain. Howl of Terror and Circle of Madness are too similar, one needed to be reworked or replaced. I preferred to keep circle of madness because terror almost never works late game. >>>)) Coming soon (suggestions wanted) ((<<< - Find out why ranged battle disciplines damage don't scale at the same rate as the melee ones. - Rework Arcane Blow or Fireblast There are just too many cone AOE Mage spells. I want to make Arcane Blow into the Shockwave spell from ye olde Exile but that could prove difficult. - I just noticed Flaming Sword was buffed in A2, and oh boy was it. I may actually nerf it just so it doesn't blow away the competition so badly... - I still want to make Arcane Lore, First Aid and Tool Use improve something, much like I did with Cave Lore and Call Beast. However I have no ideas since I realized that consumable items won't scale with player stats. - A new legendary knife... - Another new Hammer... - Make Whips a real weapon??? Sounds cool but have no ideas for it.
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    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    I never had much access to a computer as a kid, I would only get to use my grandma's computer every other weekend. I had a shareware disc that had all of the exiles and Jazz Jack rabbit 2 (as well as many less memorable titles). I played a crapload of Blades of Exile's vale of dying things campaign, I would often get lost and restart my play-through if I was away from the game for more than two weeks, so vale of dying things was the only one had a chance to complete. I did dabble in the others after beating the vale but I never got far. Around 2005 I got my own computer and went to Jeff's site and was a bit annoyed that all of his games were still full price. I could buy the full version of Avernum 3, or I could buy warcraft 3 for the same price... I bought warcraft 3. At some point I gave Avernum 1 a shot and didn't like how isometric it was, I did however show it to a friend who ended up buying Geneforge 3. It wasn't until Avernum: Escape from the Pit came out on steam that I delved back into Spiderweb games. I just kinda bought them all on a steam sale and have been doing like one or two of his games each year. after finishing A:EftP I went back and finished Blades of Exile for old times sake. Now I'm in a place where I can't decide which generation of Jeff's games I like most, they all have ups and downs, (I mean they definitely have improved, but I have more nitpicks with newer titles).
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    Kickstarter For Our New Game/Series - Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

    Jeeze, I need to pay more attention to the forums outside of the games I'm currently playing. But hey, at least I got the honor of pushing the funding over $100,000... Image here Wait that's in my currency! I didn't know Kick Starter was converting the current funding into CAD! >_< As for my thoughts on the game, I'll have to catch up on Vogel's vlog for more details, but I've always preferred the top down perspective since I hate misclicking 😛 Although I had troubles getting into Avadon since I like to make more than one character; and as far as I got in, (not very), the black fortress wasn't as interactive as I'd hoped. However I REALLY enjoyed the interactivity in Kyass from A:EftP. I really enjoyed getting dropping my quest items there and seeing the stores upgrade as a result. By the end I wished I could join Kyass's deluded little empire. I was really bummed out to see his fate in A2:CS Lately some friends of mine have been talking about an RPG Atelier: Sophie where you also play as a princess candidate forced into managing a failing colony. Maybe I'll give that a shot in anticipation for this game, (though that's not quite fair for comparison since that game likely had a lot more budget, staff and dev time than this game will). Maybe I'll Give Avadon another shot before I move onto A:RW... well not likely but I'll keep it in mind.
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    Summon Mechanics (CS)

    Sorry to necro this but I haven't seen any other topics going into summon mechanics and I thought I'd share my recent findings. I've been doing some tests and comparing to the game files. It appears that each summon spell has an assigned level: Call Beast = 5 Minor Summon = 10 Summon Aid = 18 Arcane Summon = 25 it appears that each summon brings out a random creature that has a default level within 25% lower or higher than the assigned value. [Edit: It might just be a flat degree of 5 levels lower or higher. The pool of monsters available was skewing my results, and I just now noticed that Call Beast can summon a level 1 creature] {Update} After further testing the lower end tends to extend farther than the higher end. I adjusted the value to 28 and was still able to get Lv.18 summons. The summoning focus trait will then increase the monsters level after it is summoned, it does not appear to effect the pool of monsters picked from.
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    A2:CS - No magic playthrough

    Just goona mention my mod causes purging crystals to cure allied mental statuses.
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    Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - GIANT MOD! (beta version 0.3 released)

    VERSION 0.2 RELEASE *The Opening post is still bugged out so I posted the download link here... To install version 0.2 just do everything you did to install the previous version, Your save existing files should still work, though there could be minor inventory issues. (like a hammer equipped as a ring :P) >>>)) Fixes ((<<< - Various item stat error corrections: -Steel Broadsword is no longer a two-handed sword -Blessed & Radiant Breastplate no longer improves evasion instead of parry. -Radiant Greaves now give the correct amount of armour (18%) -Ghostly Blade no longer reduces parry chance, (also has +5 dual wielding now) -I also fixed an issue with Snipers Belt not giving all the stat increases I believe it was meant to, (one stat was overwriting the other). -Stone Crescent was broken. It is fixed now. >>>)) Changes ((<<< - Steel Shortsword now uses a similar graphic as the Iron Shortsword instead of sharing a graphic with Steel Broadsword, (this always confused the hell out of me). - I realized that Focus Spirit with 2 priest skill is worse than curing which only requires 1 priest skill, so I decided to adjust Focus spirit. It now requires only 4 priest skill to provide a heal that now scales with priest skill. At 8 Priest skill it now gives the user enough focus to counter all incoming attacks for the following turn (1 turn of bladeshield) It now costs 5 mana to avoid infinite free healing. - Due to Bladeshield's high weapon skill requirement, I have reduced the Mage skill required to improve Bladeshield by 2. I have also reduced it's fatigue cost by 1, (7->6), in exchange I have given it a mana cost of 6; (I still don't think it's worthwhile for a warrior to put 2 points into Mage Skill just to use Bladeshield, they probably have better options by that point considering they are probably too encumbered to cast any spells). - Due to an error, Mighty blow was doing WAY too much damage starting at 8 lethal blow; this has been corrected. I have also noticed that the terrify effect unlocked at 8 Lethal Blow is never pocking, I suspect that it's resisted just as often as daze making it useless late game. So I decided to make it inflict immobility starting at 4 Lethal Blow, to just make it a superior Shield Breaker. - Staff of Arcana no longer provides +10% parry and critical bonus, instead provides +6 melee weapon skill What is the point of a two-handed weapon that provides the same stat's as a shield? This will make battle disciplines such as Bladesheild more usable for a polearm mage. Because let's face it, most of them aren't worth building to if you don't have Str gymnastics or fatigue reduction. I might revert this change this back if I realise Bladeshield is OP. I may have to change this weapon's name and graphic, or else the dialogue for crafting it will be messed up. "Arcane Halberd?", "Wizzard's Halberd?" - I have re-balanced shields: Bronze shields (and legendary shields based on bronze shield) offer more parry but weigh more Iron and Steel shields have a harsher hit chance penalty. - I nerfed Deadeye Cloak to what it was in the base game because archers are much stronger than they were in A:EftP. >>>)) New Stuff ((<<< Elgar's Hammer: (replaces farsight band, the most disappointing item I could find) 25 lbs -10% parry chance +10% accuracy +10% crit chance 80% chance of inflicting weakness curse (2 turns) >>>)) Coming soon (suggestions wanted) ((<<< - New spells: Is it just me or does simulacrum just kinda invalidate the other summon spells, I could replace them with new spells! If anyone has any ideas shoot them at me! (I'd prefer spells already in the game for monsters and NPCs) I want to experiment with setting the ground on fire soon, I still don't know if it will work the way I expect, if it turns out burning ground only hurts allies... SHOULD I BRING BACK FRIENDLY FIRE ON FIREBLAST???? (I want too, but people might not like it). [UPDATE]: I found it! Burning ground only damages friendlies even if you create the fire. The damage of being on fire doesn't exactly scale well into the late game so I'm not sure if I can do friendly fire as well as I hoped, however quickfire is still on the table. [UPDATE] - Battle Disciplines: I just noticed that I never remembered to fix Sharpshooter Spray... currently it's just vanilla Blinding shot. Also I think flawless shot/throw is doing more damage than it is supposed too. - I could easily make flawless shot and flawless throw different abilities, I'm considering if I should. - Lastly, I am thinking of replacing Mighty Blow with a new ranged ability. Mighty blow is pretty dull as, "just shield bash but stronger" and we don't have enough ranged disciplines. It will still scale with lethal blow but but I have no ideas what it should be yet. - Effectiveness of healing items scale with users first aid skill. want to make the skill good, currently it feels like a waste in skill points I could also do something similar for arcane lore and wands, or cave lore for something else. But those skills already provide some small bonus to combat so I don't think it's needed. A new legendary knife: Blessed Athame! Still thinking on what it will do... Make Whips a real weapon??? Sounds cool but have no ideas for it.
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    Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - GIANT MOD! (beta version 0.3 released)

    I'm working on an update soon, but I have a lot off work this passed week and am really burned out. I finally have some time off mid-week so I'll post it then. In the meantime I just want to point out that a few late game items have incorrect stat's or graphics. I also nerfed deadeye cloak to what it was in base game because archers are much stronger than they were in A:EftP. I also fixed an issue with snipers belt not giving all the stat increases I believe it was meant to, (one stat was overwriting the other). Lastly I wan't to point out that you can apply the update without any risk of damaging your save file.
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    Game pitch to Spiderweb.

    Funny, I just heard some one review the same game on a podcast I listen to and they had a completely different experience with the game. They said that there are many ways to game the system in Divinity 2 apparently, something that I greatly enjoyed in the exile days but is largely removed from Jeff's modern games. For example, in Divinity 2 there is a teleport spell, that can be used to teleport a single enemy out of a room, without agro-ing the others, allowing you to fight them all one at a time. Personally in exile games I greatly enjoyed luring enemies into a room, then using Wall of Force or barrier to trap enemies in the room, and then casting quickfire in there. I greatly miss problem solving my way through areas that I'm under leveled for, rather than making a note of the area, then leaving to grind before coming back. I suppose Jeff currently doesn't think about or enjoy that playstyle so much. We shouldn't expect to see it in the future... I mostly enjoy Jeff's games for his setting and writing style anyway. As long I can still mod the gameplay to my liking I should be fine.
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    orginal trioogy vs new triology

    In remakes there are less options, but more meaning to each option. Fore example: you can no longer poison weapon, or recruit NPC. But making a Warrior-Mage, or a Durable-Archer type of character are more viable than in the older games.
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    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    This will be my final update before I make a new thread and post the mod files. I was about ready to post this mod until I noticed a few things that held me back. The most significant thing I noticed is that even more so than EftP, in CS longbows kick the crap out of "bows". I did some research on bows and tried to determine if there was a logical reason for this, and I only found the contrary. I feel like this significantly reduces variety in archer builds and I want to make some heavy changes to bows before releasing this mod. The early game of CS only seems to have crude bows available so I shouldn't have to worry about restarting my play-through to test balance. - History lesson, (skip this paragraph if you just want to see the in-game changes and not the reasoning behind them) - First off I want to point out that the graphic for longbows depicts a composite recurve bow, and the standard bow graphic depicts a single-piece recurve bow. All Longbows bend in a single curve. Longbows are bigger heavier, but considerably easier to use. The string bends more making drawing easier and faster, but releasing significantly less power in your shot (complete opposite of the longbows in Avernum). Recurve bows bows bend the wood much more(which can effect accuracy for the inexperienced), and composite bows are made from multiple parts that help the bow bend. Power is stored in the wood itself in addition to the string, allowing for much more powerful shots that demand more effort and precision. Composite bows are however MUCH more difficult to make, and have a much shorter life span. So what I want to do in this mod is: - Rename longbow to composite bow. - Increase the scaling on bows to be the same as composite bows. (I suspect that some magical bows are viable in standard CS, but I cannot see how their damage works currently, so I might be making archers broken until I get those bows in my playthrough). Note: I am reducing the level of archer enemies to compensate - Increase the weight of all bow types. (to account the weight of using a bow rather than just carrying one) - Give Compostie bows a flat -10% accuracy penalty, but increase their crit chance bonus to 25% (this will not effect other equipped weapons). - Currently all normal bows are also a lower level than the composite bows, I will look into weather I need to change this or now, as I progress through the game. The idea is that this will make composite bows better for dedicated archers, being an overall buff. While off-builds such as the popular priest-archer, will likely stick to using common bows. I also have some beefs with throwables; namely that you can find powerful razordiscs WAY more more easily than you could in EftP. You can also find 1 steel javelin very early, and making that re-usable is pretty strong for early game. I think I will make throwables scale better late game, (the scaling ratio will improve as you hit certain milestones in throwable weapon skill). My favorite thing about missile weapons in the old exile games was their variety. Since the early levels of throwables become obsolete almost instantly when you make throwables re-usable, I think I will replace Iron Javelins with a new throwable with different effects. But I haven't decided what yet...
  13. I greatly enjoyed the Akhari Blaze's ReRemix mod for EftP, and when CS came out I didn't like the idea of going back to the vanilla version so I waited to see if any mods would come out. I could have updated them EftP mod myself, but I didn't want to risk being spoiled on any new items. A year went by and I became distracted with [real life issues] for a while. Now my [real life issues] have cleared up and I have some free time to get back into the Avernum games. I wanted to know if I missed any neat mods that I should look at. If not I guess I'll just update Akahari Blaze's mod myself, spoilers be damned. [UPDATE] I've already started updating the mod myself. I found a few errors in it that I'm also correcting. I'm trying to make it easier to copy the changes into RW so it wont be as much of a chore when the time comes. While I'm doing this does anyone have any change requests? (Maybe I should start a new topic?) I thought of some changes I'd like to make but I'm not sure if I could do them. 1. Bring back blunt weapons, (Based off the stick, they wont scale with any weapon skill, [?instead scale with Endurance?]. They will weigh at least twice as much as other weapons, good for paladins or tank builds). Not sure how to make it scale with endurance, I'd also have to replace existing items with hammers, any suggestions? 2. I heard slith and nephilm were underpowered. They get less traits right? I want to offset that with items that are somehow exclusive to those races (I would rather make them level the same as humans do but I'm pretty sure that's hard coded).
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    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    Update: It would appear that the way Battle Disciplines check for your equipment has been updated in CS. As a result Akhari Blaze's method of implementing magic staffs seems to have bugged the ranged Battle Disciplines when you have Javelins equipped. I'm tempted to resolve this by replacing all quarter staffs with hammers and being done with it. When I have this resolved I will post a beta build for the mod. Edit: I have also noticed something odd. Akhari Blaze combined daggers and shortswords to make room for two-handed swords. This I knew, but I did not notice that they scaled at the rate of daggers rather than short swords, (a 25% damage nerf to all shortswords). I assume this was meant to be nerf to dual-wielding, that I don't agree with on many levels. I don't think this combination was even necessary to begin with... I'm still deciding how best to fix this since some monsters use these values as well. Edit 2: So I checked and the only monster that used daggers was basic goblins, so look out, those little buggers will be doing 25% more damage now. This might sound weird, but I'm deciding to leave daggers buffed, since it's less work for me and nobody attacks with them seriously anyway. I like daggers personally, so I'm considering giving them bonus dual-wielding for some silly mid-game builds.
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    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    Duly noted. This isn't as much an issue for the lightning-Dex interaction, so I think the quickest solution is to also associate Strength with ice rain. I didn't think about this idea too much yet. My current playthrough is just testing general balance(and bug hunting), I'll think about hammers and specialty mage builds after.
  16. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    So blunt weapons are working, going to start a playthrough to test out my changes. I'll post the mod soon if anyone else wants to try it before it' fully tested. Some other thoughts: Is it just me or are Mages are a bit dull to build? You kind of just put all of your points into Int, unless your making a sword mage, which just means putting some points into endurance. Compared to priests that have spells which don't scale with stats and one spell that scales with Dex, you have a lot of priest builds available, but mages just kinda mage. I'm considering mixing up some of the mage spells to promote off-builds. What if Fire spells scaled with Strength? And lightning spells with Dex? To do this I would have to remove skill leveling, which would be weird to say the least. Just food for thought, not considering this change until after my test playthough.
  17. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    The ReRemix mod already did most of what you asked, it has 2 magic staffs, (replacing the Chaotic Halberd and Spear of Fens), that scale with int and I believe do energy damage. You can find the details here: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/19120-aeftp-avernum-reremix-graphics-mod/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1 I wouldn't mind adding a magic halberd, but a ranged magic weapon feels a tad redundant. Currently I'm planning on adding blunt weapons, just deciding what I should replace (probably a sword). The chaos halberd was replaced because it was a very late game missable item that was underwhelming for it's cost. I don't know if it more accessible in CS (no spoilers please). I may bring it and spear of fens back, and try to replace other rare items instead. Is wand of Carrunos just as rare as it was before? I'd gladly replace those, but not if you find them just laying around. If there are any useless items exclusively dropped by bosses, let me know, (don't tell me how they are found, I just want the item name, I still haven't beaten Crystal Souls and want to avoid spoilers). Back in my youth I got stuck early in the game, so I skipped CS and went straight to ruined world and completely forgot that I skipped it until this re-release. I am buffing weapons a bit differently than the previous rendition of the ReRemix mod. I'm combining the buffs made in CS with the buffs made in the previous ReRemix mod. The end result being: Spears are 1-handed weapons, with a -10 dual wielding modifier, to discourage it (unfortunately the penalty won't be less than the normal 20%, but it will counter the benfits from training the skill). They are also too heavy to be wielded in the off-hand. This is to allow spear users to carry a shield. Some enchanted spears have a new ability. All spears have also -5% parry (similar to shortswords). - Two-handed swords (waveblades, iron claymore and Greatsword of the Depths): similar to halberds in damage output, but smaller cleave chance but can impale for double damage(15% chance); also have a 5% parry bonus. - Quarterstaves (Mage Staff and Staff of Arcana): 5% parry bonus, CtH and energy damage that scales with intelligence, not strength, but they need investment in pole weapons (2 for 50 flat damage, 6 for scaled damage, 10 for more damage and cleave chance). They give also a passive bonus useful for mages, though. - Halberds no longer impale, but instead have a MUCH higher cleave chance (I wanted to make them different from spears, and most of the halberds depicted in spiderweb games look more like long axes, having no massive point on the top, so this change made more sense to me). - Shortswords, and light weapons that can be wielded off-hand carry a -5% parry penalty (but not daggers). Broadswords have a chance to impale for double damage (15%). - !New! Blunt Weapons, Single-handed weapons that tend to be as heavy as two handed weapons. Do not scale with any weapon skills but instead scale with endurance (lightly) as well as strength. Ideal for tank or paladin builds. I could be wrong, but I think making weapons scale with with endurance will only increase their damage, not accuracy. Could be a problem down the line. I'm also considering adding a magic hammer. Sorry, there is no new PC graphic for blunt weapons. I'm also looking at buffing weapon disciplines further, but it is difficult to do. I want less discipline that rely on debuffs that get resisted most of the time.
  18. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    But ligers are real though... Maybe I should give you something more difficult then, like say... Rate the first six StarWars movies.
  19. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Final update]

    I'm pretty sure It didn't work, if you look I was the next comment after that post. Thanks anyway. I've already started updating the mod myself. I found a few errors in it that I'm also correcting. I'm trying to make it easier to copy the changes into RW so it wont be as much of a chore when the time comes. [UPDATE] While I'm doing this does anyone have any change requests? (Maybe I should start a new topic?) I thought of some changes I'd like to make but I'm not sure if I could do them. 1. Bring back blunt weapons, (Based off the stick, they wont scale with any weapon skill, [?instead scale with Endurance?]. They will weigh at least twice as much as other weapons, good for paladins or tank builds). Not sure how to make it scale with endurance, I'd also have to replace existing items with hammers, any suggestions? 2. I heard slith and nephilm were underpowered. They get less traits right? I want to offset that with items that are somehow exclusive to those races (I would rather make them level the same as humans do but I'm pretty sure that's hard coded).
  20. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Game pitch to Spiderweb.

    The recent release: "Divinity: original sin 2" might be something for you to look at. It allows you to play the entire game with online co-op, and due to the open-world nature of the game, both players can go their separate ways, or even become rivals rather than playing co-op. I've heard of people enjoying runs where the two players are constantly trying to kill each other and sabotage each others quests, sounded fun. FYI I heard the first game in the series didn't have the co-op feature, and was generally underwhelming, it's plot is also completely disconnected from the sequel so you don't need to play them in order. I myself have been wanting to propose making a city-builder game set in Avernum. I was going to try proposing the idea to Vogel after I finished my programming course, but I developed a medical condition and it's set back my education by at least another year.
  21. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Trying to figure out your taste in music from this list, and I thought of the perfect thing for you to rank. Text search functions! (ctrl + f)
  22. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Exile Remaster

    Hey! I told Celtic Minstrel that I would be helping with this project over the summer, but some crazy weather the past few weeks and other unforeseen circumstances have led to me putting that off. Just today realized it's a almost the end of July already, time sure flies when nothing is going according to plan. Just wanted to apologize and say that I probably wont be helping out after all. I'll still be popping up in the forums from time to time, and if I get some unexpected free time I can help with bug testing, but that's about it. I'll let you know if things change. I'm going to be studying C++ language in a bit so that might tie into me being of use next summer, but I shouldn't make any promises after how things turned out this summer.
  23. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Exile Remaster

    Finishing exam week today, I'll be sure to try out the new build over the weekend and give you some feedback. I'm fresh off of a near 100% run of VoDT on the original engine, so I can play VoDT again with a better eye for issues/missing objects.
  24. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Poll: Blades of Exile

    I wanted to get a refresher on BoE before making suggestions I played a couple hours of BoE this weekend, but haven't had time to touch the scenario maker yet due to midterms. Just want to know what kind of abilities, (if any), can be given to custom weapons? Going back from Avernum:EftP to BoE the only thing that bothered me is how linear warriors are. battle disciplins are gone (though most of them were ineffective any way) and there aren't any weapons with cleave or special scaling (like that sword that has damage based on your INT instead of STR). Obviously this update to Blades wont be adding weapon disciplines; but things like cleave being usable in custom weapons sounds like a good Idea if possible. I will probably make a thread on adding feasible new mechanics when I get some more free time to play around with BoE and the scenario editor.
  25. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Vahnatai PC Graphics (and others) Wanted!

    I'm into pixel art so can give it a shot, but no promises as I'm short on time lately. a co-worker is injured and I'm getting extra hours.