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  1. An item has to be equipped in order for its bonuses to apply. Since bones cannot be equipped, there is no way to take advantage of their bonus. (Likewise for the augmented trash, rope, and toadstools.)
  2. I know I'm very late to this conversation, but I tried making a potion with the toadstools(+), and did *not* get a potion(+). (I tried it with every potion containing toadstools.) Another commenter has said the same thing in another thread. I don't know whether Brock was mistaken or the game has changed, but this doesn't work now. By the way, if you give the augmented toadstools to someone already carrying toadstools, they are added to the stack and their distinctiveness is lost.
  3. Usually I just discard the various cursed scrolls and potions that I come across, but on a whim I tried using a Bitter Loss scroll to see exactly what would happen. My character was hit with acid (easily cured) and lost some health (easily healed). He also lost 3200 experience points and gained 10 skill points. For most of the game this would be a terrible trade-off, since that much experience would be enough to add 2 - 3 levels (depending on character traits) and therefore 12 - 18 skill points. It seems to me, however, at the end of the game, when you no longer expect to level up any fur
  4. Someone double check me (because I am also currently playing the original versions), but one effect of luck for an individual character is that occasionally, even though your hit points may drop to zero, if you're lucky you might not die. Good luck also seems to reduce the odds of being petrified, but I have no idea how the math works.
  5. Thank you, TriRodent. For completeness, I have added that to my list.
  6. This is a minor topic, but I haven't seen it addressed in these forums. If you pay Geoffery in Lorelei 500 coins, he will tell you of someone who had a habit of hiding items in stables, so it's worth searching any stables that you come across. (Just walk around in the enclosed area.) Here is what I have found: Inn of Blades empty box Kriszan 300 coins Lost Isle 225 coins + Dragonskin Gloves Bengaro Bolts of Life Dorngas Heroic Brew Moo
  7. Counterpoint: I enjoyed the beam/mirror puzzles. The golem spires are by far the most challenging and frustrating puzzle in the game, but solvable with patience and careful attention. The rewards are commensurate, both in game goodies (including some that are 'hidden'), and in satisfaction.
  8. I had no problem getting the reward for replacing the third Crystal Soul, so that issue has not repeated. I divided my treasure stash between two towns and started keeping scrupulous records, and since then I haven't had any further problems with items disappearing. I will chalk this up to a learning experience. Thanks again for your help and support.
  9. Well, if my goal was to trigger an interesting conversation and to learn a few things along the way, I would say I have succeeded. Thank you all for your responses. I have learned a lot, and I appreciate your expressions of sympathy. I did not count all the items that were left in the Ziggurat, but it took me many dozens of trips to Olgai to sell them all, interspersed with visits to the Tower of the Magi and thence to Silverlocke to spend my gold. I know that the Knowledge Brews were actually on the ground in the Tower, because at one point I had picked them up, intending to do so
  10. The manual actually says that "each town can only contain a few hundred items. More than that, and Avernum 2 will have to make the less important items (trash, rocks, sticks, etc.) disappear to make room for others." The 200 item limit is, I think, a rough guideline from other experienced players who answer questions on these boards. I'm pretty sure I have seen the number 200 mentioned in this context a couple of times before, but I never understood it to be a hard and fast rule. I included it in my original post just to make it clear that I knew there was a limit. As a
  11. Thank you. I was really just hoping for someone to commiserate with me. I went back and counted, and there are 163 items remaining on the floor of the Tower of the Magi, in 6 widely-separated piles. (Some of them are stacks of up to 100 arrows, etc.) So there shouldn't have been any problem. I am going to blame it on Windows. I have one day a week when I can play games. I hope that I will be over my frustration by next Thursday.
  12. Last year I installed a Windows partition on my iMac just so I could replay the original Avernum games. I am nearing the end of Avernum 2, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself despite some well-known roughness in the game design and the Windows port. Until today, that is. I had retrieved the Crystal Soul from the Ornotha Ziggurat, and was slogging back and forth repeatedly to sell the huge piles of loot from that dungeon. Along the way I made several visits to Silverlocke to purchase potions, and dropped those potions in the Tower of the Magi with my other loot. After one of th
  13. I am posting late to this thread, but I hope I can still be helpful. Lperkins, I must say that I am impressed that you remember game play details from almost 20 years ago. While I agree that the spellcaster positioning behavior is a problem, it was something that I quickly developed a 'sense' for. After I had played for a short time, while I did not know exactly how a spellcaster would move, I was certainly able to avoid the disastrous mistakes that are interfering with your game. (This of course only applies to targeted spells; the area-of-effect spells do show a grid
  14. Randomizer, I still have my old PowerPC G5, which doubled as a space heater, and the Sony monitor I used with it. They haven't been turned on in many years, but they probably still work. I will have to find a keyboard and mouse to use with them; periphals tend not to last as long as computers (at least, when you are talking about Apple computers). The hardest thing about resurrecting older gear is the software. I used to know someone who was an expert in older versions of MacOS, but he is now thousands of miles away (and I don't know how to reach him online). In the mea
  15. Last year I installed Windows 10 under Boot Camp on my iMac, specifically so that I could play some older games that I love: the original Avernum trilogies, Heroes of Might and Magic III, and a few others. Now Apple has announced that they will be transitioning to ARM processors, and at some future date it will no longer be possible to install Windows on a Mac. I am currently approaching the endgame in Avernum (I have completed all the minor quests, but still have a few things to do, like Bahssikava, before going after the Demon Lord.), and despite the clumsiness of the navigation,
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