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  1. I recall in the original version you needed a certain amount of reputation, not sure if they changed it in the remake
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    Minor bugs/issues

    In the great circle, when you destroy the altar while in combat mode, only normal haakai are summoned. When not in combat mode, they are haakai lords. Edit: also the demonslayer says that it has the same effect as wyrmslayer (+50% damage to reptiles) when it doesn't
  3. well the game already autosaved as I was exploring the gray square so it looks like I'll just restart.
  4. I was on the way to the vahnatai lands and the power went out for a second, but luckily, I saved a few seconds before, after launching again, this happened: Save at homescreen: http://i.imgur.com/B5QL7QS.jpg (You can see the map is deep rapids) After loading: http://i.imgur.com/ZUbeI5C.jpg (Script error) Moving around: http://i.imgur.com/v7Q1aU3.jpg After moving around for a really long time: http://imgur.com/wwO8wSt (I cannot pilot the boat or get out of it) I believe the map name of "Long tunnel" appeared at some point and the console even said "You have discovered a new location!" When moving around, the characters' movement is not limited meaning its not a graphic error, while outdoor mobs only traversed in certain locations. I've tried fighting them, and after ending combat, the map is still glitched. The exclamation marks on the map still display the correct names. I imagine the save just got corrupted, but I saved the game before the power outage.
  5. The only thing I remember about it is that at some point, you go to this manor where there's an annoying guard (butler?) standing in front of it who doesn't let you in. Then you can go around to the side and enter through a secret passageway where you encounter the wife and say you're the new guard. Afterwards, you like rob the house and kill the husband or something idk. Does anyone have any idea what scenario I'm talking about?