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Geneforge 2 Strategy Peripheral

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 09:08 AM #1 Geneforge 2 Strategy Peripheral

Geneforge 2 never received the kind of intensive mechanical and strategic analyses that later games have received (or if it did, the threads are no longer extant).  However, this thread attempts to provide some useful information scrounged up from the depths of the past.

First, don't forget the links to the maps and FAQ at the top of the Geneforge forum page. The FAQ is imperfect but has much good information.

  Mental Magic Agent
  Agent Advice
  Melee Guardian discussion
  More on Guardian build
  Missile Guardian
  Guardian vs. Agent builds

Game Mechanics
  Using MORE than 9 canisters (i.e. 10 or more) will alter the ending. Getting “modified” (e.g. by Tuldaric, etc.) does NOT count as canister usage.
  Since it comes up regularly: Luck does not affect enemy item drops. Source.
  The “10-cap” (not a G2 thread specifically but valid information anyway)
  How Damage Works
  Some changes from G1 to G2 and More
  The highest you'll ever need Leadership is 12.
  How Trainers Work

Other interesting information
  Recruit-able creatures; items to save
  Optimal weapon discussion
  Artifact Crafting / Ingredient Locations
  Cheat codes to affect the game ending
  Endings Guide

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