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Geneforge 5 - Audio in one channel only?


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I encountered a similar issue on my MacBook (also late 2006, 10.5.5). It has only come up for me the first time I opened the application, when I left it sitting on the class select dialog for a long time. After a couple minutes the audio loop went to the left channel only, but sound effects were on both. Later when I started the game, the audio loop went to the right channel only. My other uses of the application have been fine.

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I also have a similar but more limited (and weird) problem. 90% of the time, the sound of a door or box unlocking will play very quietly in the left channel, and the other 10% it will play quite loudly in the right channel. I'm using an eMac with 10.3.9, so it's not a MacBook-exclusive problem.

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