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Keeping registered across different user names


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I have a little bit of trouble with being distracted by my games and so I like keeping all of them inside a folder that I set to be owned by a different user on the computer so I have to log out and back in again to play a game. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a good way to keep my Spiderweb games registered across all the different user names. They all end up being initially installed on the admin account I use for day to day work and therefore registered on that one. But if I try to play a game under the game user, it often shows unregistered or may spontaneously become so. This seems to happen to both Avernum and Geneforge games and on both ones installed from CD preregistered and on ones I downloaded the install for. I've tried getting around this by copying the preference file for each game on the user its registered under to the corresponding place in the other users. However this seems to spontaneously reverse itself and sometimes I've even managed to corrupt my installation and or game save files. Is there a reliable way to make the game registered across all users on a single computer?

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I am on a mac and I think I've just figured out what was causing my problems. I never bothered correcting the file permissions for the preference files. Geneforge 1 won't even launch if the preference file doesn't have permission for the user you are logged into. When I changed the permission to show the file being owned by the correct user then it worked just fine. That still leaves it to be seen if there are any spontaneous reversals as before, but I got it at least for now which is more than I can say for before.

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