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Moving Registration from 9 to X?


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I have Geneforge and Avernum 3 registered for MacOs 9. Now that Geneforge for Os X is out and with Avernum 3 for Os X already in beta, I would prefer to play these games under Os X. The only problem is I don't know how to transfer the registration from 9 to Os X.

Any help out there?


Are the safe files in the same format in both systems?




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The Avernum 3 files(both preference and saved game) are in the same format for the Classic and Carbon applications. Your Classic saved game can be used as is. To transfer the registration, copy the file from the folder "System Folder:Preferences" to the folder "Library:Preferences" inside your home directory. This won't work if the OS 9 preference file doesn't contain the registration, and isn't necessary if you do not intend to use the Carbon version in Mac OS X.



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