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F3 and F4 Save Keys Problem


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When I try to quicksave my Geneforge 3 game (using F3 key) or quickload it (using F4), the game freezes, and when I press 'Enter', it closes and gives me a crash error.


I also know that when I try to manually save the game (through one of the save slots), it also gives me a crash error.


Strangely enough, when I threw GF3 onto my secondary computer and transferred the saved games from my main computer to it, I still had general problems with saving the game. frown


Any ideas?



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Oh! I've solved it! It appears that, lo and behold, my last couple of saved games were simply corrupted.


I loaded an earlier saved game that wasn't too far back, but worked with the F3 and F4 keys and normal saving as well.


If you suspect your latest saved game is corrupt, then just load an earlier saved game, if you have one.


I hope this helps someone else who has the same problem.



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