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unreadable (mac)


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not a clue how this happened, but I can no longer play any of my Spiderweb-Software games except for the Nethergate - Resurrection. Any time I try to open them, i get the following error:


Open Dictionary

Unable to read the dictionary of the application or extension

because it is not scriptable.


I looked at the troubleshooting for Geneforge 3, and cannot find the "DrawSprocketLib" in my extensions folder. i know that i did not intentionally throw it away. I am using OS X.

I have not yet looked at the other games help files, but G3 is the one I want to play right now, so it's what i am focusing on.


I have already tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the games.


What must do to play my games again? Among those not working are: Avernum 3 , 4 and blades, and Geneforges 1-4.


EDIT: of course, I would misread the part where the help file says " If you are not using OS X, the Geneforge 3 installer places the file "DrawSprocketLib" in your extensions folder. " so the absence of the file is fine.

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