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BOE: Redemption ate my Hunter's Blade from Forsaken

Iori Branford

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My party has just slain Fred, the first angry bookshelf, in Redemption. As of today, when I load any save after a certain point in that scenario, the Hunter's Blade is gone from my inventory, though I never separated it from its wielder in any way, ever.


For this scenario I have

- a main save file just before going to bed in A&M's tower

- a save in the Boemen Camp

- three saves in the Murky Mine

- two saves in the dream tower, one before fighting Fred and one after.


Before today, I had the Hunter's Blade in all of them. Now only the Boemen Camp save still has it. Is there ANY way I can get it back?

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Put the sword in a friendly town, kill Fred the angry bookshelf, go back to the friendly town, wow, your sword is still there(hopefully).


EDIT: Sorry, don't mean to sound sarcastic, but a lot of stuff is going on right now in my family and I'm stressed out from trying to escape young cousins who have no idea what's going on and want to play.

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