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geneforge 2 resolution problem


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hello all,


I've been having a problem with the geneforge 2 demo which I downloaded yesterday. I can't get it to properly switch resolutions on my apple cinema display. it's a 23 inch HD screen powered by a Radeon 9800 card, so I've had plenty of problems with games that don't support anywhere near 1920 x 1200 resolution, but usually if they can switch to a native resolution they're fine. geneforge 1 did it perfectly, as did Avernum 3 (I haven't tried any of the older games). in geneforge 2 though, when I tell it to switch resolution, the screen goes through it's normal cycle and changes to some resolution, but it must not be supported because it just comes up black and the game plays with no visuals. what is the resolution that geneforge 2 is switching to when it does this? if I set the screen to any 4x3 aspect resolution (e.i.: 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600) and tell the game not to switch, it comes up stretched and distorted. if I manually switch resolution tothe 16x9 aspect ratio at 1024x640 and then tell it not to switch resolutions, it comes up fine and the game is playable. but that's the only resolution that seems to work and produce a square image of appropriate size. I guess I can play like that, but it's annoying.


it's really bizarre, I think this is actually the first time I've had a technical problem with a spiderweb game. usually these games are like the old AmbrosiaSW games -- polished beyond any point of bugs or glitches. anyway, if somebody has an idea of what I might be doing wrong (if anything), please let me know.



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It might be nothing to do with your monitor. When I normally get into Spiderweb Games it takes a couple of minutes to get in, (showing a black screen). Then it just works fine. Maybe that's your problem. Just get into it, wait for the black screen, and leave your computer for 10 minutes.


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Err, that's really odd, for the both of you. This sounds like a real Tech Support issue. Have you tried e-mailing Jeff?


To the best of my knowledge, all SW games try to switch to 800 by 600, but I don't really know anything. You can muck with the preferences to tell them not to take up the whole screen and not to switch resolution, which together might solve your problem -- because then you get the games in a window, rather than as a screen.

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I don't know why I have to wait for a few minutes the first time, but as long as I don't shut down it doesn't matter, because it gets into it fine for the next game. And it's got nothing to do with Monitor Settings, since mine runs on 800 x 600 anyway.


But I mean, Jeff can't fix every single spiderweb Game so that it runs properly on my system. I'm only one person!


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