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Avernum 1 & 2 Saving Problems


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I have, at one point or another, downloaded the demos for A1 and A2, but I wound up deleting them because neither program would successfully save my games; it got really old having to start from the beginning every single time. I have not had this problem with A3, however. That one saves correctly. My computer stats:


Mac G3; OS 9.2.2


I close all other applications before opening the games, so there shouldn't be a conflict there. Corrupt files, maybe? I really can't figure it out.

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What exactly happens when you attempt to save your game in A1 or 2?
The computer pauses for a second, making all the right saving-type sounds, and my scroll screen reads: "Game saved." But when I try to load the game after having closed the program down, absolutely nothing happens. I've even gone straight into the A2 folder, clicking on my saved game from there (which is just a blank doc icon, as opposed to the nifty dragon icon that represents my A3 game file). The A2 programs open when I do this, but again, my attempt to load the saved game gets no response, not even a menu from which to choose the correct file. It's all just weird. And very, very frustrating. frown
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After comparing the files in the A3 folder with those in the A2 folder, I noticed a difference. The A3 application program was titled: Avernum 3 v1.0. The A2 program - the one giving me problems - was titled: Avernum 2 2.0.app.


On a hunch, I retitled the A2 file, deleting the ".app" part, and suddenly, VOILA! It *was* saving the game all along; it's just that I couldn't access it with the application program titled incorrectly for some odd reason. Such technical quirks can be very annoying. frown I'm just glad I found a solution.

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