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how do I backup Geneforge 2?

Smyling Sam

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I have Geneforge2 installed on a Win98SE system. I need to back the game data up so I can transfer the saved games to a new system. Currently it seems that backing up

%windrive%\Program Files\Geneforge 2\Data\Save[0..9]?


will do the trick. Are there other files that I need to backup so I do not loose any data? BTW, I already have the download and registration code.

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Hi All,


One more file needed to backed up:

%windrive%\Program Files\Geneforge 2\Data\GF2Prefs.dat


This contains the registration number. Please note that your registration number is OS dependant. I changed OS's and had to email spiderweb for the new registration number.


Sam, smyling at the nice splat the specter left.

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