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GF4 on Mac with German Keyboard


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This weekend I downloaded and tried GF4 on my MacBook C2D and immediately fell in love with it. I enjoy every minute playing it and have to say that GF4 may the best RPG I have played since having started RPGing 25 years ago. So I ordered my license key the same day without any hesitation.

Then, when I started my first "real" game, I noticed that GF4 doesn't take care of my German keyboard, but instead uses the US keyboard layout. Maybe this could be fixed in an update?




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SW is aware of this issue. Alternate keyboard layouts probably won't be implemented for Geneforge 4, but may be supported in future games if there's sufficient demand for it. You may want to consider emailing spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com to express your interest in such a feature.

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