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I can't communicate with the Sholai in Genefordge 1


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I found the Sholai in the refugee camp, Masha taught me the language. She told me to go find the other guys. When I found the other guys, I tried talking to them but they act like i can't talk to them. I can talk to the ones in the Refugee Camp, but not the ones in the Wooded Valley. I checked a guide and it said i should be able to talk with them, what is the problem?

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There are different levels of being able to speak the language. If you've only learned it once, you can't really talk with the end guys.


Er, I'd tell you where you can learn the rest of the language, but I've forgotten.


EDIT: Apparently,


Pentil - If you are an Obeyer, Jaffee can teach you.

Pentil East - If you are Awakened, Sorkin can teach you.

Kazg - If you are a Taker, Toivo can teach you, or read the book in Toivo's tower.

Refugee Caves - Help Masha, or read the book in her chambers

Patrolled Dell - The book in the Sholai quarters.

Winding Road - Znaf can teach you if you pay.

Crossroads - Gavrila can teach you.

Research Quarters - A book in the quarters.


Apparently the maximum level necessary is 3, so any three of these will do it.

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