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reformating Drive C

Lord Sylak

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I don't know if Win2k has the option, but restart in MS-DOS mode (Start-ShutDown-Restartin MS-DOS) then change your directory to be C: and then just type format c: If you don't have that option...try opening My Computer, right click on C: and click on format. Though I doubt it'll work if you don't have another hard drive...


I'll check on some more ways and will update this post if I find any...

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Possibly, if you put your Win98 disc in and reboot your computer, it might give you an option to start the computer with the disc support. Say yes to that option. Also, if you have created a boot disc (floppy) for Win2k, that might give you that option as well when you are loading your computer. From there, it should start up and load into MS-DOS automatically. Then you should be able to format the HD.

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